Replacement for Konqueror's CSS File 1

Tim Schoenheider timrs at
Mon Sep 3 17:18:39 CEST 2007

Name: Replacement for Konqueror's CSS File
Version: 1
Type: KDE Improvement
License: Other
More Info:

 I took the file
$KDEDIR/share/apps/khtml/css/html4.css and changed
it to make the buttons have a height of 16px and
the fonts normal. I never really like the default
BIG buttons --- and no web developers ever think
set a size for the buttons because every 'popular'
browser has the default behavior they want. I did
this terribly and there are thousands of ways this
can be fixed up. It will also violate the font
sizes you have already set, so if it looks weird,
just change the font sizes.

If you don't have access to root or don't want to
replace that file, you can go to
Konqueror>Stylesheets>Use User-Defined Stylesheet


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