KatchTV 0.86

jel jel lee.b at digitalunleashed.com
Sat May 26 19:19:32 CEST 2007

Name: KatchTV
Version: 0.86
Type: Video Application
Depend: PyKDE/PyQt
License: GPL
More Info:

 KatchTV is an "Internet TV" application for KDE,
otherwise known as a broadcatcher. It makes it
easy to subscribe to "TV" channels from all over
the internet in the form of podcasts, so that you
can browse channels, download shows, and watch
them, all from one convenient interface.

Supported features include:

* Video podcasts ("vodcasts").
* Bittorrent-based broadcatching.
* Audio podcasts.
* Multiple background downloads of media and
updates of feeds, all while you watch/listen to
your favourite shows.
* Manages any media you download, so that you
don't lose track of your disk space.
* Built-in KHTML-based web browser, with specific
customisations for this application.
* Automatically subscribes to any feeds you click
on while browsing.
* Uses KDE's default embedded media players, for
flexible configuration and KDE integration.
* Supports Macromedia Flash movies, if you have a
suitable plugin.
* Built-in bookmarks of major vodcast/podcast
sites, so you don't have to look to hard for great
* Stores episode details along with downloaded
media to make tracking easier.
* Allows manually adding any feeds (in case some
site makes it awkward to add them 
* Can also read standard RSS news feeds, if you
prefer not to run separate media and news

Installation is easy, as long as your distro has
PyKDE, PyQt, and Kaffeine.  Just untar to some
directory like /usr/local, and run the KatchTV
program.  You can also make a symlink to that
executable from a directory like /usr/local/bin,
and KatchTV will work out where to find its files.

Comments welcome; let me know if you've any
problems using it.

 * Partial re-write; more object oriented, and
better thread synchronization for better stability
* Now supports mplayer, kmplayer, codeine, and all
other known KDE media players.
* Fullscreen mode available for media playback, if
the player supports it (mplayer does)
* More interactive UI, which immediately updates
when you click download on an episodes (for
example), rather than following a web-like
click-to-new-page model.
* Stores more information about downloaded
episodes, so you can see what the episode is about
from the downloaded media page, go back a
downloaded item's feed, etc.

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