[Kde-announce-apps] cb2Bib 0.7.3

constans constans constans at molspaces.com
Sun Feb 18 19:36:27 CET 2007

Name: cb2Bib
Version: 0.7.3
Type: Scientific
Depend: Qt 4.x
License: GPL
Homepage: http://www.molspaces.com/cb2bib/
More Info:

 The cb2Bib is a tool for rapidly extracting
unformatted biblographic references from email
alerts, journal Web pages, and PDF files.

The cb2Bib is intended to be used by scientists
and students. It facilitates catching single
references at the time of being announced. The
references are formatted as BibTeX standard. A PDF
file with the article text, if available, can be
easily renamed to more meaningful than the well
known 'science' or 'fulltext.pdf' filenames...
Applications such as Kile, KBibTeX, sixpack,
JabRef, Pybliographer, Tellico, or OpenOffice can
later retrieve, import, use, or display these
BibTeX references. In summary, cb2Bib is designed
to help organizing and storing the huge amount of
bibliographic information that everyday reaches
our mailboxes.

 version 0.7.3

This release fixes several issues related to DOI
and URL encoding, HTML character encoding in
PubMed import, and dynamic bookmarks generation.

version 0.7.2

The realease adds a raw clipboard data view mode,
client 'download reference to' functionality, and
the option to use double braces in titles. It
improves the build script and install
documentation. It fixes minor bugs, related to
pasting formatted text, reading of already HTML
encoded DOIs, and updating the viewer in some
particular cases.

version 0.7.1

This release fixes a couple of minor, but annoying
bugs. Concretely, local file open on Windows, and
LyX pipe selection on Unix versions.

version 0.7.0

All known issues related to Qt3 to Qt4 migration
have been addressed. Mainly, it has been fixed
field selection in cb2Bib panel, copying/moving
files from PDFImport, and some wrong open file
dialog messages. A few minor improvements have
been included. In particular, file selection
dialogs display navigation history, and BibTeX
output file can be more conveniently selected from
a combo list. Such a feature is specially usefull
to users that sort references in thematic files.

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