[Kde-announce-apps] digiKam 0.9.0-beta3

Gilles Caulier frenchpass at free.fr
Sun Oct 22 21:25:21 CEST 2006

Name: digiKam
Version: 0.9.0-beta3
Type: Graphic Tool
Depend: KDE 3.x
License: GPL
Homepage: http://www.digikam.org
More Info:

 digiKam is a digital photo management application
for KDE, which makes importing, organizing, and 
searching digital photos a "snap". 

The photos can be organized in albums which can be
sorted chronologically, by directory layout or by
custom collections. 

An easy to use interface is provided that enables
you to connect to your camera and preview,
download and/or delete your images.   digiKam
includes too an image editor for image corrections
and manipulations whitch can be extended by
plugins available in DigikamImagePlugins project. 

Showfoto is a stand alone digiKam image editor
version. It's support too digiKam image editor
plugins framework.  

digiKam uses 2 plugin frameworks for additional

-KipiPlugins (main interface).
-DigikamImagePlugins (Image Editor and Showfoto). 

See the related project pages for more
informations :  


Online documentations :  



- Please, use the digiKam mailing-list for all
comments [digikam-users at kde.org and
digikam-devel at kde.org]. 

- Please, use KDE Bug Tracking System for Wishes,
and Bugs report


New Features;

Setup         : New dcraw options set compatible
with dcraw release >= 8.16.

General       : Automatic image Tags creation/set
using IPTC Keywords contents.
General       : Removing external dcraw depency.
Now digiKam include a full supported version of
dcraw program in core.

CameraGUI     : New advanced config dialog to set
date/time format used to rename camera pictures
file name during download.

Bugs Fix:

#134013 : Tag menu extremly slow.
#122653 : File-dialogue claims that pictures are
not on the local-storage, yet they are.
#134091 : dcraw -n option not valid for version >
#134224 : prefix for image filename in camera
dialog not working
#133359 : Google maps support to show satellite
images of the photos.
#131347 : Comments modified in digiKam Image
Editor are not saved.
#134351 : Error while make install.
#132841 : Tag filtering works only a the second
click on the tag filter list.
#133359 : Google maps support to show satellite
images of the photos.
#134924 : Patch to allow compile with
LDFLAGS="-Wl, --as-needed"
#134841 : weird behaviour of identity setup.
#131382 : All thumbnails of album destroyed when
using Tag Filters.
#134869 : High CPU usage while displaying ICC
#134761 : a rotated RAW image get saved straight
with an inconsistent Exif orientation.
#135236 : Right-click menu rename function cuts to
the first period (not the extention one).
#135307 : After deleting a file, user comments
entered for pictures apply to the wrong picture.
#135145 : Raw image converter fails on my raw
files (cr2, crw, dng).
#125727 : digiKam open with of raw file only shows
application for octet-stream.
#135430 : Typo automaticly should be automatically
in raw image converter.
#135060 : Folders without pictures in it cannot be
assigned icons


After a period of hard and intensive work, the
digiKam community brings to you all the new
digiKam 0.9.0-beta2 releases with some new
features, and others have been improved:

- New option to start image sequence number index
with a custom value.
- New option to add camera name to target download
file name.
- New option to create download folder per file
format (e.g. JPG and CR2)
- New option to set date format of auto-created
- New option to process a batch creation of all
albums items thumbnails.
- New option to set image as tag thumbnail on Tag
Filters View using D&D.
- New option to set a matching condition to use
between tags in Tag Filters View (OR or AND
- New color scheme theme 'Digikasa' from Sergio Di
Rio Mare 

 And 50 bugs have been fixed since the 0.9.0-beta1

- 121691 : Problems with Downloading images from
- 131034 : Display a mini-view of the photo
currently transferred, i.e. better 
visual feedback.
- 131603 : Orientation of RAW-images (especially
Canons *.cr2)
- 131532 : Minolta exception code can break EXIF
- 131550 : digikam/showfoto can't show jpeg image
under PowerPC
- 131549 : endianess problem under Linux-PowerPC
(with png images at least) 

If you want to know more about all the changes,
have a look at the NEWS file:


If you are interested in some of our plans for the
future and in what is still missing for the final
0.9 release, have a look at the TODO file:



The 0.9 series has been under heavy development
since November and this beta release offers you
the opportunity to test and enjoy a variety of new
features, additions and improvements.

A choice from the list of new features:

* the sidebar is now used to display image file
properties, metadata, 
comments, tags and color information
* full support for 16bit images in the image
editor, all image plugins have 
been ported to make use of the new 16 bit
* full support for color management, reading and
storing color profiles.
* greatly improved support for image metadata such
as EXIF and IPTC (based on libexiv2).
* the main view provides a fast preview mode most
useful for RAW images
* more than 100 bug fixes!!!

A comprehensive list of new features and fixed
bugs can be found in the NEWS file:


If you are interested in some of our plans for the
future and in what is still missing for the final
0.9 release, have a look at the TODO file:


Digikam Movie Tour:

There are four demonstration videos (Flash format)
available highlighting some of the new features.

How to import a RAW file in 16 bits color depth
into digiKam image editor using Color Management:


On the usage of the camera interface and how to
add IPTC information to an image file:


On the new fast RAW file preview mode, the use of
color profiles, image plugins supporting 16 bit
and user interface improvements for all image


How to use the black and white converter and the
add border image plugin, 
again demonstrating user interface improvements
and full 16 bit support:


How to help us:

This release is a beta release, which means that
we ask users to test this version of digiKam and
report bugs.
If you have found a bug, please report it to the
bug tracking system at bugs.kde.org. In a first
step, confirm that there is not already a bug
report for your problem.


Bugs fixed since digikam 0.8.2-rc1:

- Unsupported initialization of CameraList object

- digikam "Mount and Download" Problems (#124952)

- Thumbnail generation fails with raw images

- Camera gui always puts *.JPG and *.NEF in the
configure - digikam dialog/File Mime Types/ Image
Files (#127697)

- Crash when moving an album to another album

- Autoration of photos may confuse user because of
changes made he is not aware of (#126335)

- Communication between digikam and its kioslaves
broken if size_t != off_t (#127634)

- Mimimize button missing on "Compaq Flash Reader"
camera window (#116485)

- mimelnk/x-image-raw.desktop conflicts with
kdegraphics-3.5.x (#121242)


New feature:

- add missing Rating info in album item file tip
and image properties dialog

Bugs fixed:

- fix JFIF comments section encoding extraction to
respect UTF8 (#120241)

- fix x-raw.desktop: removed tiff extention


This version is mostly a bugfixes.

New features:

        o display JPEG that use CMYK color space

        o Rating image using keyboard shortcuts
CTRL+0/1/2/3/4/5 from
          main interface (#123646)

        o Buttons to set the album date to oldest,
yougest of the
          images in the album (#120963)

Bugs fixed:

        o #123742: preview-pictures seem to be
handled differently by
          Digikam and Konqueror

        o #121905: albums not displayed corectly
and digikam crashes
          with St9bad_alloc

        o #120053: digikam: whatthis info not
closed when albumview is
          scrolled up or down with cursur keys

        o #120052: digikam: redraw problem with
whatthis info of an
          image show and starts scrolling with the

        o #119946: thumbnails not correctly
rotated according to exif

        o #116248: Ask user which plugins should
be enabled on first
          startup (all plugins are enabled by
default first startup)

        o #115460: opening and closing right pane
with tag filter also
          changes width of left pane and vv

        o #121646: Digikam on PPC has problem
identifying JPEG and tries
          to use dcraw with them

        o #120479: Search problem for not tagged
or commented images
          #120775: Search doesn't find pictures
without rating


This version brings RAW files format support, new
icons, image rating, printing enhancements and in
the meanwhile we also fixed some bugs. The
noteworthy features in this release:

- You are now able to rate your images from 1
start to 5 stars. In the search 
part of digiKam, you can search for images with a
certain rating.

- A new theme has been added, the 'Dessert' theme.

- 8 bits RAW files support has been added, you can
now view those images in the image editor. In
digiKam version 0.9.0 there will be 16 bits RAW
files support.

- copy & paste support has been added, you can
copy between albums and from 
konqueror to digiKam.

- dcop functions have been added to open the
camera dialog at a certain path 
or start the autodetect function similar to the
command line option

- a command line option has been added to open the
camera dialog at a certain 
path. This feature and the previous are
preparations for full media kio 

- showfoto can now open a directory with images in

- automatically adjust orientation of printing
depending on the image

- new icons!

- kipi plugins now work on search or date folders

Some of the bugs we squashed since 0.8.0:

- the configure option --enable-nfs-hack did not
work, now it does work again.

- the configure option --enable-final did not
work, now it does work again.

- showfoto's open dialog now opens in the location
you used the last time.

- a bunch of memory leaks are now fixed.

- printing did not really work. Now it does work


Any bugfix have been fixed. Hanbooks package


The digiKam team is proud to provide a release
candidate of digiKam 0.8. This
release follows six weeks after beta 2 and we now
ask everyone to test this

Please take a moment to test this version and
report all your problems! 

In comparisation to beta 2, we have fixed the
following bugs:

- More RAW file formats supported by default
- Slow showing of thumbnails (bug 112467)
- After rotating an image, the first image in the
folder get's the keyboard 
focus (bug 112971, 105663)
- Can not change the tag icon with the contextual
menu "Edit Tag 
Properties..." after setting a photo as tag
thumbnail.  (bug 113808)
- Save/restore quick search dialog size (bug
- When a camera is added to the toolbar, the icon
is not displayed after 
DigiKam restart (bug 113804).
- Image permissions are restricted after saving
(bug 113914)
- Thumbbar fullscreen mode configuration problem
(bug 113919)
- Show the week number in the month widget
- After modifying the DigiKam main toolbar, the
KIPI menus have disappeared 
(bug 114507)
- Search dialog: images are not rotated correctly
(bug 114848)

You can read more about the 0.8 series in the
release announcement of beta 1,
available at our new website (www.digikam.org)

0.8.0 BETA2: 

In comparisation to beta 1, we have fixed the
following bugs:

- Crash on rogue jpeg file (bug 112801)
- Disable "remove tags" menu item when there are
no common tags (111798)
- Added some more extensions we support
- A protocol error prevented correct drap-and-drop
to other applications
- When a camera was added to the toolbar, the icon
wasn't displayed after 
program restart
- A caching problem was visible when an image was
saved with "Save As" with a 
filename that  already existed in the album.
- Fixed a crash when adding items to showfoto's
- Fixed some problems in showfoto with 'Save As'
- Fixed some thumbnail caching problems in
ShowFoto (111873)
- Some more space was created to select images,
which is helpfull when KDE is 
configured to single click is open (11695)
- Showfoto's handbook was not showing properly
- Size of the search window is now saved
- Better error handling when there is a permission
problem when moving images
- A progress dialog was blocking an error dialog
in some cases.
- Some optimalisation was done in the comments /
tag editor.
- New color gradient for the histogram.
- Fixed a problem where it was not possible to
delete folders with subfolders.
- Fixed bug so window dimensions where not saved
correctly sometimes.
- Improvement to the thumbbar of showfoto to keep
the next thumb visible.
- red eye correction configuration was not saved

0.8.0 BETA1 :

The noteworthy features in 0.8.0-beta1 release: 

* NEW USER INTERFACE: Albums and Tags have been
separated out into  different views and these
views are collapsible. 

* PHOTO DATES AND COMMENTS: Photos are now scanned
for their   metadata which is then stored in the
database. The EXIF    timestamp (if available) is
used for sorting and searching. 

* DATE BASED VIRTUAL FOLDERS: Each corresponding
to the month in    which the pictures were taken.
Its also possible to filter this    view to show
photos from single or multiple day(s) and week(s)

* SEARCHING: Two interfaces have been implemented
for searching   on photos: 
  - QUICK SEARCH: a keyword based search which
also allows      date based lookups 
  - ADVANCED SEARCH: build rules and groups of
rules to do      very precise searches. 
  - LIVE FEEDBACK: Both searches show instant
results based on      the current search criteria 

be saved as    virtual folders and its possible to
edit the search criterion   later.

* TAG FILTERING: A new view has been added to the
right side    which allows quick drag and drop tag
assignments and also   filtering of photos in the
current view. This view is again   collapsible 

* ALBUM LOCATION INDICATOR: When photos are shown
from a virtual   folder (tag, date or search), the
photos are grouped together   based on album

* MEMORY OPTIMIZATION: Thumbnails are now loaded
on demand   and only a fixed cache of thumbnails
is kept in memory * NEW THEMES: Dark, Sandy and
Orange Crush 

- Database upgraded to sqlite3  
- New kioslaves for handling date, search, tag,
album listing 

* SHOWFOTO : new slide show tool 

- Plugin dialogs have been revamped for better
usability     and easier comparison of filter
- Plugin computations are now threaded  
- Plugin preview is now resizable.  
- BigEndian fixes. 


- Aspect Ratio Crop : new photograph composition
guide tool based     on Fibonacci series (golden
- New Color AutoCorrection tool with preview    
(Normalize, Autolevels, Equalize, and Stretch

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