[Kde-announce-apps] Amarok LyricWiki.org Lyrics 1.0

Shawn J rede at shaw.ca
Sun Oct 15 20:25:05 CEST 2006

Name: Amarok LyricWiki.org Lyrics
Version: 1.0
Type: Amarok Script
License: GPL
More Info:

 A simple script to retrieve lyrics from
LyricWiki.org and display them on the Lyric tab of
the context browser. Now you can enjoy having
lyrics that can be fixed when incorrect!

Amarok 1.4
Ruby 1.8

Comments and suggestions are appreciated.


* New: The script should no longer crash if unable
to connect to LyricWiki.org.
* New: LyricWiki's page redirects are now handled
automatically followed.
* New: Attempt to both find lyrics with case of
ID3 tag characters unmodified and with the first
letters of words capitalized before searching.
* Fixed: Category information was sometimes
displayed with lyrics.
* Fixed: Removed any empty lines before or after
the lyrics.


* Fixed: Text display problem on configuration
dialog for some users.


* New: Support for using http proxy servers.
* New: Option to open Edit page with "Open in
External Browser" button.
* New: Configuration dialog.
* New Dependency: QtRuby.


* Bugfix: Fixed utf-8 encoding.
* Bugfix: Removes "By Artist Name" lines from
* Bugfix: The "Open in external browser" button
now works correctly.


* Bugfix: Script was removing the ' character from
pages without pre or lyrics commands.


* New: Script now relies solely upon the XML from
the Special:Export function on LyricWiki. This
allows the script to run more smoothly than
previously when the pre and /pre or lyrics and
/lyrics commands do not appear.
* New: Cleaned up code substantially.


* Bugfix: Script can now handle lyrics pages
without either the pre or the lyrics commands by
retrieving the lyrics from the Special:Export
function at LyricWiki.org. 


* Bugfix: Script now will work when lyrics appear
on LyricWiki without the pre and /pre commands.
Thanks to Colin Carle.

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