[Kde-announce-apps] SpeedCrunch 0.7-beta2

Ariya Hidayat ariya at kde.org
Tue Oct 31 20:50:47 CET 2006

Name: SpeedCrunch
Version: 0.7-beta2
Type: Scientific
Depend: Qt 4.x
License: GPL
Homepage: http://speedcrunch.digitalfanatics.org/
More Info:

 SpeedCrunch is a fast, compact, high-precision
calculator (up to 50 decimal digits), ideal for
power users. It is designed to be enjoyed using
keyboard. Result is shown in scrollable display,
history of expressions is available with up and
down arrow.

New features in this 0.6 version are syntax
highlight, matched parenthesis indicator,
just-in-time calculation (show result even before
you finish typing) and autocomplete for variables.

NOTE: since this is still beta1, the program may
contain bugs and also the translations are not
fully completed yet.

 SpeedCrunch 0.7-beta2
support for building using CMake
fixed issue #9: unary minus before a function
fixed issue #7: function argument in brackets
fixed issue #6: exponentiation of a negative
number returns NaN
fixed issue #5: auto calculation shows up even on
the first run
fixed issue #4: should scroll automatically to
show the result
fixed issue #3: function argument starts with
unary minus
patched crunch.pro to fix "make install" (thanks
to Vladimir Pouzanov)
made the application look for translations in the
current directory too
updated the russian, french and portuguese
translations - thanks all translators

SpeedCrunch 0.7-beta1
ported to Qt 4 (available also for Win32)
optional keypad
changed the configure script to be compatible with
Qt 4
added an application icon for windows systems

SpeedCrunch 0.6-beta2
fixed mouse wheel scrolls do not recally history
too large or too small number yields NaN, instead
of silently becomes 0
added (partial) Czech translation by Blondak
(blondak at neser.cz)
added Portuguese BR by Henrique Pinto
(henrique.pinto at kdemail.net)
fixed Enter in numeric keypad does not evaluate
flicker-free about box, by Michael Pyne
(pynm0001 at comcast.net)
comma key is also mapped as gives decimal digit,
by Thomas Luebking
copy displayed item by clicking on it, by Gary
MS visual C++ fixes, by Philippe Fremy 

SpeedCrunch 0.6-beta1
support for syntax highlight, with matched
parenthesis indicator
Calc-As-You-Type: show result even before you
finish typing
autocomplete now also works for variables
fixed invisible pop-up completion for very long
show function description in function name
show variable value in variable name autocomplete
dialog position/size are not saved anymore (leave
it to the WM)
better display of long error message, Pieter
prompt error when trying to overwrite variable PI
translation (i18n) of all error messages
error when unknown variable is in the expression
always reuse already shown dialog, do not recreate
support deleting variable(s) (Ctrl+D)
prevent variable name like 'sin', 'tan', etc
simple tooltip on "clear input" button

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