[Kde-announce-apps] KTrafficAnalyzer 0.3.4

Wolfgang Koller viras at suselinuxsupport.de
Wed Oct 11 18:11:50 CEST 2006

Name: KTrafficAnalyzer
Version: 0.3.4
Type: Networking Tool
Depend: KDE 3.x
License: GPL
Homepage: http://www.suselinuxsupport.de/
More Info:

 KTrafficAnalyzer is meant to provide visual
feedback of your current network traffic, similar
to tools like DU-Meter. In addition it provides
statistics with total down- and upload sums.

Of course feedback is more than welcome. There is
still more than enough room for improvements. Also
checkout the TODO file what I'm already planning -
maybe you have ideas what I can add or what might
be useful too!

For instructions on how to compile / install it
please read the INSTALL file included in the

Thanks to Pascal Blesser for creating the RPMs!
I'm btw still looking for people creating RPMs for
various systems - please let me know if you want
to do that!

- KTA now has a proper icon set (the main widget)
- Removed group-frame around window settings
- Increased size of settings dialog a bit so that
entries are accessible
  without scrolling
- When changing the monitor time the internal
buffer is now correctly resized
- When the interface to monitor is changed, the
display gets correctly reset
  (so the internal buffer is resetted)
- KTA now has own stats for each interface (you
have to select the interface
  in the settings dialog and then click on stats
to see them)
  NOTE: Stats are seperated by interface name
- KTA now adds the currently monitored interface
name to the title-bar
- The sys-Tray icon now has a tooltip displaying
the current up / down traffic
- Name of interface is now also shown in the stats
dialog (so you know what
  stats you are looking at)
- Tool-Bar (the menu) can now be hidden using an
option in the window
  settings dialog
- SysTray-Icon is now loaded in the correct size

- KTA now has a SysTray-Icon and so can be
minimized to the SysTray
- SysTray context-Menu has now entries for Stats
and Settings
- KTA can now be configured to remember position
- KTA can now be configured to remember size
- KTA can now be configured to stay always on top
- KTA can now be configured to have no border
- Improved the Makefile to use kde-config --prefix

- It's now possible to set the monitoring-time (so
the time from one end of
  the graph to the other end)
- Now a link from ktrafficanalyzer to
KTrafficAnalyzer is generated, makes
  it easier to find the executeable :)
- Seperated the interface handling from the
display, this makes handling a
  lot easier

- The maximum value is now displayed in the
upper-left corner of the graph
- Stats now can be reset
- When opening the stats window now automatically
the current entry is shown
- It's now possible to export the stats into a csv
(comma seperated) file
- Added monthly stats
- Added totals (so upload + download traffic

- Fixed a bug when compiling the program on a
system where libraries and
  headers are stored in different directories
(thanks to Jan for pointing
  it out)
- Added a small about dialog
- Now KTA checks if /proc/net/dev is really
readable, else it exits
- Fonts can now be configured (for both menu-bar
and status-bar)
- Added an Exit button in the menu-bar
- Now only the current date field in the stats
dialog is updated, rather
  than the whole stats list (avoids flickering)

- Added uninstall flag for make (make uninstall)
- Added install flag for make (make install)
- Fixed formatting issue with stats (numbers
displayed in exponential form)
- Added Stats-Dialog (now Download / Upload stats
are recorded)
- Added Config-Dialog according to the KConfig
- Cleaned up the code
- Restructured the code
- Converted to make compile (created Makefiles and
removed compile script)
- Fixed draw function (removed rounding errors)

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