[Kde-announce-apps] K-Yamo v0.40a3

roland weigert roweigert at users.sourceforge.net
Wed Jun 28 22:27:59 CEST 2006

Name: K-Yamo
Version: v0.40a3
Type: Sound Application
License: GPL
Homepage: http://k-yamo.sourceforge.net
More Info:

 K-Yamo is a music-organizer for tagging music
files (mp3 and ogg atm)
,and ripping audio-cds. It uses the tags, to
rename files, and can generate complete structured
music-directories, out of your musiccollection
that way.
It can help you out with tags out of the database
it uses optionally, so you don't need to type
You can tag complete directory-trees at once, and
only change selected values. (for example set the
artist of a complete directory)
Since this version, K-Yamo can guess the tags out
of the filenames, and get missing tags from
(Please read the Howto included, to find out, how
the creating of the filters works. It is really
easy, if you know it.)

Sorry for the big version-jump, but it was
necessary, to make updating in distros better.

Once again: Have fun with this new version.

I need a feedback, so please post some comments.
(Otherwise I have to continue it only on my way)

Needs cdparanoia for ripping of cds.
Needs taglib!
Needs id3lib!

Optionally it needs mysql for storing all the tags
in a database.

-New versionnumbers to make updating possible
-Musicbrainzlookup over the xml-service of
-Database is now modular, and will be exchangable
in the future
-Tagguesser replaces all underscores with spaces
now, and keeps the old tags, if value is empty
-Included length into the mediafile-wrapper, so
the musicbrainz-interface can check with
-Prettied up some dialogs
-Ripper shows the correct tracklength again. (75
frames per second not 60! tststs)
-New settingsdialog with submenues.(with more
-More encoderengines

-Included the manual again (forgot it in last
-removed a bug, causing K-Yamo to save the wrong
-Solved Compiling-problems with Suse 10.1

-Tagguesser sets the files-edited-flag now also
-Guess-button is deactivted now, when no file is
-Improved the filter-recognizing of tagguesser,
when searching for numbers
-Trailing and leading spaces are removed from
cleanup now.
-Cleanup also replaces ?-sign with an underscore
now. (before it froze up on trying to write a file
with an ?
-Wrote own copy-routine, that is able to copy the
problematic files.
-The needed directories are checked before
cd-ripping now
-The ripper stores the modified values in the
mysql-database now. (before it stored only the
results from cddb)
-Did set the encoding on all mysql-queries, so
finally foreign-signs work in the database
-German lokale

Oops, i forgot to reprogramm the
mulitselect.saving. Is fixed now.
Please get this version.

-Automatic activate cover if file supports it and
picture is dropped in k-yamo
-Save modified files only
-Files are editable now, and kept in memory
-Check for changed tags, before cleanup
-Removed bug, causing k-yamo to crash,when
selectionwindow was closed
-Introducing tagguesser with filtergenerator
-Changed the Howto, to be uptodate, to the new
-Hopefully fixed the compileproblems on some
systems. Thanx to bitcrazy for pointing out the
right tip.

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