[Kde-announce-apps] FLVGET 1.1

Pablo Chinea Khertz khertz at gmail.com
Tue Jun 27 21:59:58 CEST 2006

Version: 1.1
Type: Kommander Script
Depend: Kommander
License: GPL
Homepage: http://www.khertz.net/archives/36
More Info:


  FLVGET is a fixed and improved version of
'Google and YouTube Video to AVI' script. The
script's name has changed because it now offers
support to manifold sites and the possibility to
add many more in the future.

  This is a script for Kommander. It downloads a
video from a video website (YouTube, Google Video,
...) and, if is a flash format video, offers the
option to convert it to AVI format (MPEG4 for
video and MP3, MP2 if MP3 isn't available, for
audio) using FFmpeg as back-end.

  This is a plugin-based script. Every plugin
offers support to a website. The available plugins
by default offers support to:
    * Bolt
    * Dailymotion
    * Google Video
    * Grinvi.com
    * iFilm
    * Metacafe
    * Putfile.com
    * Revver.com
    * Vimeo
    * YourFileHost
    * YouTube
    * ZippyVideos

  New plugins can be easily added just placing it
into the 'plugins' directory.


  * Kommander - http://kommander.kdewebdev.org/
  * FFmpeg - http://ffmpeg.sourceforge.net/

  Make sure Kommander and FFmpeg are installed in
your system. Unpack the tarball and click or
double-click (according to your configuration) on
the 'flvget.kmdr' file to execute it.

  Note: The whole file must be unpacked to a
directory before executing, can not execute
directly from the tarball file.


  Insert the videolink into the URL entry. Set
your video preferences and click on 'Start'.

 * Version 0.1 (17 Jan 06)
  - Initial Release. (Beta Release)

* Version 1.0  (02 Jun 06)
  - Plugin-based.
  - Manifold websites support.
  - New sites can be easily added.
  - Autodetect encodings settings.
  - Autodetect audio codec available. (some FFmpeg
versions don't have mp3 support)
  - Now AVI convertion is optional.

* Version 1.0.1  (06 Jun 06)
  - Added 5 websites more:
    · Bolt
    · Putfile.com
    · Vimeo
    · ZippyVideos
    · Revver.com

* Version 1.1 (27 Jun 06)
  - Multiple instances support.
  - Added 5 websites more:
    · BoFunk
    · Castpost
    · DailySlacker.com
    · LemonZoo
    · Yikers
  - Now YouTube plugin can download videos flagged
as inappropriate.

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