[Kde-announce-apps] Kalva 0.8.78

Andreas Silberstorff ml at andreas-silberstorff.de
Sun Jun 18 14:45:15 CEST 2006

Name: Kalva
Version: 0.8.78
Type: Video Application
Depend: KDE 3.x
License: GPL
Homepage: http://kalva.berlios.de
More Info:

 Kalva is a Lightweight Video Application

Kalva is a simple to use and easy to setup
videorecorder for the K Desktop
Environment. It is using the console tool MEncoder
from the MPlayer package
to do the real work. Kalva's main goal is to be
quite simple to setup and easy to use. But apart
from that it provides quite some useful features.

You can schedule a movierecording by choosing the
from a calender (will be passed to at) and a
serial recording by choosing the
days of the week (feeds your crontab). You can
manage your scheduled 

You can store the neccessary MEncoder Options in
hardware- and quality
profiles. You can easily share your profiles and
your channellist via New
Stuff (take a look at www.kde-files.org for
channellists, hardware profiles
and quality profiles).

Kalva can import channellists from e.g. xawtv or
xawtv4 and generate a knew
one using scantv. You can edit and store that
list. You might as well
download a channellist from www.kde-files.org

Kalva has a DCOP interface. This is meant as a
convinient way to support
recording for external EPG apps like xmltv
browsers (f.i. KTvSchedule) that You can
optionally launch with a (configurable) toolbar
button. If You
want to use the DCOP interface You can push Kalva
into KDE's systemtray
(works just like with JuK or amaroK).

You can manage Your videocollection with the build
in file browser and Play the selected video files
with MPlayer or call a (configurable) video editor
on the active directory.

If you want to follow the active developement
process, the bleeding edge of
Kalva's sources can be found in kde-svn

 binaries v0.8.78 (stable)
Fedora core 5 i386 (thanks to Martin Gansser)
SUSE 10.0 i586 with kde 3.5.3 from smart/apt (Use
with care! If You do not have a decent KDE I have
to advice You to wait for the offical apt RPM from
suser-scorot to upgrade which will hopefully be
available in the first week of july)

* Sun 18th of june 2006 -
ml at andreas-silberstorff.de
- fixes a bug that prevented the use of the
aumix-functionality and raised also some other
minor issues.
- fixes some bugs concerning special chars in
filmtitles or in the station names (better support
for UTF8)

binaries v0.8.76 (stable)
Debian package for SID (thanks to Harry Auschner)

* Fri Apr 14 2006
- fixed some compiler issues, compiles now on
Fedora Core 5
- fixed a bug concerning the device combo for
- restarts running MPlayer (preview) when choosing

since v0.8.75 (stable)
* Fri Mar 31 2006 - ml at andreas-silberstorff.de
- the profiles and the channellist are
configurable from the
  main window, no need anymore to open prefs
dialog for each
  recording session if You want to use a special
- bbugfix: no need for a channel to be set when
  from composite (i.e. input = 1)
- fixed a bug in the movie manager when the
daytime contains
  the searched string (was a too aggressive filter
- first code cleanups,
  -> improved filehandling,
  -> fixed some syntax issues (see

Also known to distribute Kalva:
Kalva-stable via klik
SuSE 9.2-10.0 i386 and IA64 via apt (suser-scorot)
Mandriva RPMs (cooker)

for older history look at the homepage

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