[Kde-announce-apps] 3.5.x Xinerama improvements 0.1

Lubos Lunak l.lunak at kde.org
Fri Jun 9 19:36:24 CEST 2006

Name: 3.5.x Xinerama improvements
Version: 0.1
Type: KDE Improvement
Depend: KDE 3.5.x
License: Other
Homepage: http://ktown.kde.org/~seli/xinerama
More Info:

 Patches for KDE/Qt with several Xinerama

- Alt+tab list of windows can be restriced to a
single screen (#86865)
- shortcut for moving the active window to a
specific/other Xinerama screen (#80755)
- possibility of configuring on which Xinerama
screen new windows will be placed (#56827)
- slightly improved dialog placement in some cases
- newly launched applications appear on the same
Xinerama screen where minicli was shown
- possibility of configuring the active Xinerama
screen to be the one with the active window
instead of the one with the cursor
- shortcut for activating specific/other Xinerama

See http://ktown.kde.org/~seli/xinerama for

Lubos Lunak 

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