[Kde-announce-apps] VariCAD 2005 3.00

Marek Dedecius info at varicad.com
Mon Jun 12 15:30:13 CEST 2006

Name: VariCAD
Version: 2005 3.00
Type: Other Software
License: Proprietary License
Homepage: http://www.varicad.com
More Info:

 VariCAD is a compact 3D/2D CAD system for
mechanical engineering. In addition to standard
tools for 3D modeling and 2D drafting, the CAD
system provides tools for sheet metal unbending
and crash tests, libraries of standard mechanical
parts (ANSI, DIN) and symbols, mechanical part
calculations and tools for working with bills of
materials (BOMs) and title blocks. VariCAD
supports STEP, STL, IGES, DWG and DXF file

 This version has been significantly rebuilt.
Unlike the previous Linux versions of VariCAD, the
new VariCAD 2005 3.00 requires less dependencies
on system files. It allows running the software on
more distributions of Linux.

Compared with the previous version, the new
VariCAD 2005 3.00 brings also another improvements
(e.g. improvements in STEP interface allowing
input and output of 3D objects, new
high-resolution bitmap output from 3D, new
user-defined default settings, improved file
opening, dimensioning, user interface etc.).

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