[Kde-announce-apps] MiniDV Assembler 0.96

Dik Takken takken at phys.uu.nl
Sat Jun 10 21:26:33 CEST 2006

Name: MiniDV Assembler
Version: 0.96
Type: Video Application
Depend: Kommander
License: GPL
Homepage: http://pingwing.xs4all.nl
More Info:

 This application is particularly useful for
owners of digital MiniDV camera's and others who
use the Sony MiniDV format for high quality video

'MiniDV Assembler' allows you to append multiple
MiniDV files with nice looking transition effects
for both audio and video. Multiple transition
effects are supported, like cross-fade, zoom, blur
and a flash effect.

I created MiniDV Assembler because there are no
easy to use video editing applications for Linux
yet. Yes, Kino is promising, but its user
interface is still a mess and development is slow.

MiniDV Assembler only touches the head and tail
parts of the original video files that are needed
to create the transition effects. The rest of the
video is left untouched, which means zero quality

MiniDV Assembler can also be used to generate
video editing scripts that can be run without KDE
and Kommander.

 * Kommander 1.0 ( Part of KDEWebDev package,
version 3.3.x or newer)
 * Imagemagick 6.1 or newer

 * SMIL Utils

 * Sox

How to Install:
 Just unpack the archive and run the
'Installer.kmdr' script. That's it!
Please drop me an e-mail if you experience a

 VERSION 0.90 ( May 1st 2005 )

 * Initial release

VERSION 0.91 ( May 1st 2005 )

 * Remove temporary files on exit

VERSION 0.92 ( May 9th 2005 )

 * Random name for temporary files directory

VERSION 0.93 ( September 20th 2005 )

 * Fixed installer to detect KDE path

VERSION 0.94 ( Januari 16th 2006 )

* Fixed wizard to work on KDE 3.5
* Lots of bug fixes all over

VERSION 0.95 ( March 7th 2006 )

* Write chapter definition file for KDE DVDAuthor
* Add support for NTSC and Widescreen recordings
* Add sanity check: Refuse mixing PAL/NTSC
* Add sanity check: Refuse mixing 16:9/4:3

VERSION 0.96 ( June 10th 2006 )

* Add more dependency checks
* Fix 'Abort' button
* Improve audio transitions

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