[Kde-announce-apps] Maxemum TV-Guide 6.2.18lang

Robert Maxe robmax-1 at student.ltu.se
Wed Jun 7 19:20:15 CEST 2006

Name: Maxemum TV-Guide
Version: 6.2.18lang
Type: Other Utility
License: GPL
Homepage: http://mtvg.sourceforge.net/
More Info:

Maxemum TV-Guide is a KDE TV-guide. It is
developed in C++, based on QT/KDE and uses XMLTV
as it's back end to grab listings. At present
there are backends grabbing TV listings for
Australia, Belgium and Luxemburg, Brazil, Britain
and Ireland, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France,
Germany, Hungary and Romania, Iceland, Italy,
Japan, Netherlands, North America, Norway,
Portugal, Reunion Island (France), South Africa,
Spain, Sweden and Switzerland.

Some of Maxemum TV-Guide's features are:

    * easy-to-use user interface
    * quick channel(s)-only selection
    * custom channel names and icons
    * descriptions
    * category filter
    * hidden in tray while not used
    * title-, actor- and description search
    * favourite show highlighting
    * blacklisting of shows
    * realtime updates with colour encoded time
    * automatic grabbing of TV-listings
    * custom channel icon size
    * a popup window alerting the user when
favourite show starts
    * execution of an external command upon user
    * favourite overview with quick removal
    * realtime progress
    * and more..

--[ v6.2.18lang ]---[ 2006-06-07 ]---

This release include internationalization, added
languages are:
  + Swedish
  + Norwegian, by Leif Mathis Gaup
  + German, by Philipp Kiessler
  + French, by Starcrasher

If you would like to help out and translate MTVG
to your native language, please check out the
.POT-file in the tar-ball! Use KBabel, GTranslator
or similar for translation. Cheers lads, and
thanks for all your support and mails!

--[ Time fix ]---[ 2006-04-30 ]---

I made a quick update for you guys that recently
turned your clocks ahead for the summer. If the
clock turning caused problems with MTVG, please
recompile MTVG with these new files
[mtvg.sf.net/timefix], and set the time offset in
Preferences->General. Cheers!

---[ v6.2.18 ]---[ 2006-02-18 ]---

This release is for all of you people requesting
custom channel icons! =) Some minor bugs have been
fixed and new users will now be presented with an
extract from the README at startup.

---[ v5.10.26 ]---[ 2005-10-26 ]---

This is a release with minor changes, apart from
the one big thing - the forum! Every show now has
it's own forum! Just right click on a show, select
Forum and you're ready to start a debate. A
summary of the changes: 
* every show now has it's own forum! 
* moved preferences tab to separate window 
* resizable reminder dialogue when details are
shown (request) 
* quit button in main window (request) 
* performance optimizations (please note that some
results in lost custom channel names when
* bug fix in parser (tv_grab_de_tvtoday , and
possibly other grabbers, works better now)

---[ Fix (DE) ]---[ 2005-10-10 ]---

This is a temporary fix for all users in Germany
(and possibly others?). Due to a faulty way of
parsing the channel name, the channel names
wouldn't show in the channel column in mtvg when
using the german tv_today-grabber. Replace the
files at [mtvg.sf.net/degrab] and recompile mtvg,
that should do the trick! Sorry about the

---[ v5.10.3 ]---[ 2005-10-05 ]---

This release includes mostly user requests! New
features are:

* more new user friendly
* two new views; search view (request) and full
* time- and column separators (request)
* manual show column width (request)
* custom channel sorting
* doubleclick on show to toggle description
* category filter (request)
* go to next day at defined daystart (request)

* some performance optimizations and rewrites
* patch (for the US and others) applied; "default
channel name fix". Thanks to nhjm449!
* reorganized prefs-tab for lower resolutions
* minor bug fixes

---[ v5.9.12 ]---[ 2005-09-14 ]---

This release includes new xml-tags in
descriptions, channel icons with custom size, a
new (and less annoying) channel renaming system,
show blacklisting, automatic checking for new
versions of mtvg while updating listings and a
bugfix in the reminder system.

---[ v5.8.8 ]---[ 2005-08-08 ]---

This release fixes some bugs in the design and
presents a better looking presentation of time and
time navigation. It is also now possible to
customize channel names.

---[ v5.7.8 ]---[ 2005-07-10 ]---

In this release the reminder dialogue (which
alerts the user when a favourite show starts) has
been updated. Now there is a progress bar showing
how much of the show that has passed. The dialogue
auto-closes when the show ends (remaining
countdown). Finally, it is now possible to check
out the details of the show right in the reminder

Bugfix: the application no longer shuts down if
the reminder dialogue is closed instead of using
the "Thanks!" button.

---[ v5.4.28 ]---[ 2005-04-28 ]---

Initial release.

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