[Kde-announce-apps] QSvn 0.4.0

Andreas Richter ar at oszine.de
Mon Jun 5 22:10:02 CEST 2006

Name: QSvn
Version: 0.4.0
Type: Development Tool
Depend: Qt 4.x
License: GPL
Homepage: http://ar.oszine.de/projects/qsvn/
More Info:

 QSvn is a graphical Subversion Client for Linux,
UNIX, Windows and Mac OS X. We use the Subversion
API for all Subversion actions and the Qt4 C++
toolkit from Trolltech for platform independent

 Version 0.4.0 - released 2006-06-05

    New Features
    * show logmessages
    * show log after an update
    * cleanup working copies
    * resolved conflicted files
    * support access via HTTPS
    * revert in commit dialog through a popup menu
    * save and restore splitter sizes
    * save and restore header view sizes

    * use locale aware compare for file list
    * refresh file list view after a svn action
    * storage of config values (all configs are
lost on update to 0.4.0)

    Changes (Windows only)
    * an update from QSvn 0.3.0 to QSvn 0.4.0 are
now possible without remove QSvn 0.3.0 before
install QSvn 0.4.0

    * Checkout get the wrong URL, when more then
one exist in the combo list.
    * Problem in checkout url that doesn't exist
in revision 1.

    Eye candy
    * use own iconset for svn actions

    Eye candy (Windows only)
    * installer is redesigned and comes with QSvn

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