[Kde-announce-apps] skim 1.4.5

Cougar Liu liuspider at users.sourceforge.net
Mon Jun 5 06:15:29 CEST 2006

Name: skim
Version: 1.4.5
Type: Other Software
Depend: KDE 3.2.x
License: GPL
Homepage: http://scim.sourceforge.net
More Info:

 skim is an input method platform based upon
scim-lib under *NIX systems (including GNU/Linux
and FreeBSD)  systems optimized for KDE. It
provides a GUI panel (named scim-panel-kde), a
KConfig config module and SetupUIs for itself and
scim-lib. It also has its own plugin systems which
support on-demand loadable actions.

(skim has been incorporated in most distros, so
you may want to check your distros repository

more details

   1.4.5 Bug Fix release:
    Fixed: crash issue when deleting helper
    Improved: implement session management support
to save user config when logout from session
    Fixed: compilation with qt 3.3.6
    Updated: Korean translation

  1.4.4 Bug Fix release:
    Fixed: -f option did not work properly
    Fixed: name of Built-in compose (european
keyboard support) IM
    Fixed: kde 3.3 compatibility
    Fixed: filter saving bugs
    Improved: user can not disable the setupwindow
plugin to prevent users from having no configure
dialog by accident
    Improved: display the name of the current IM
by default
    Added: Panjabi(pa) translation

  1.4.3 Minor Bug fix release:
    Improved: apperance consistency of buttons in
main window
    Fixed: compile problem with qt 3.3.5
    Fixed: scim-setup could not be started

  1.4.2 Minor Bug fix release:
    Improved: added move up/down button in filter
config dialog
    Improved: added ComposeKeyFactory in IMEngine
setup dialog
    Fixed: a bug in configure script (affecting
debian system)
    Fixed: toggling main window mode did not
update property buttons in it

  1.4.1 Minor bug fix release:
    Improved: embedded mode (in kicker) of main
    Fixed: build system issues in regarding to
packaging and 64 systems

  1.4.0 Stable release:
    Fixed remaining build system issues

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