[Kde-announce-apps] Simple_XOSD 0.1.1

Jens Rutschmann Jens.Rutschmann at online.de
Thu Jun 1 00:21:53 CEST 2006

Name: Simple_XOSD
Version: 0.1.1
Type: amaroK Script
License: GPL
More Info:

 Simple_XOSD displays a small OSD on your screen
that shows you information about the song that is
played currently. In contrast to amaroK's built-in
OSD it stays there as long as it is running and
doesn't disappear until you deactivate it.

By default, it is located in the upper right
corner of the screen (leaving enough room for
title bar buttons, of course). It shows the
artist, the name and the remaining time of the
current song.

Simple_XOSD is easy to customize. You can set the
location, the text (size, color, the font itself)
and the update interval (One second by default).
To do this just change a few variables in the
script. Have a look, it is easy.
But you don't have to - Simple_XOSD *should* work
out of the "box" :-)

What you need:

amaroK 1.2 or newer

Python, I don't know which version, so get the
latest ;-)

DCOP Bindings for Python
    In the kdebindings package at

XOSD Bindings for Python
    Get it here:

    Get it here:

Gentoo users:
Just run "emerge pyosd xosd dcoppython". (Maybe
you need the masked xosd package)

I don't know howto install the packages on other
distributions, sorry.

Version 0.1.1:

Fixed a bug with special characters like german
umlauts. Such characters are now displayed
correctly in the OSD.

Version 0.1:

It works !!!
This is the first official release, so there's
nothing else to write here. 

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