[Kde-announce-apps] Conversion Tools 1.1

Rossana Motta rossana.hell.no. at gmail.com
Thu Dec 28 13:56:17 CET 2006

Name: Conversion Tools
Version: 1.1
Type: Service Menu
Depend: KDE 3.x
License: GPL
More Info:

 This servicemenu is for people that, like me, are
too lazy to compute all the conversions manually
and get crazy with the bunch of different units
and currencies around.
I wanted to have a simple scripts for quick
conversions between the most common units of
Temperature, Currency, Weight, Distance, Velocity,
Degrees, Volume, Area. This is because I spent
most of my life in Europe but now I live in the
USA, and I still cannot get used to their units.
These scripts are not really meant to be a
complete "encyclopedia" of all the tons of
existing units. Just the most common ones are
listed, so you can quickly find and select the
entry you want, without getting crazy in a jungle
of entries and without waiting for an external
application to start.

There are two folders, named conver and
conver_submenus respectively. 
The difference is that the two files in "conver"
allow you to choose the conversion types through
two combo boxes whilst "conver_submenus" provides
the choices through one submenu list and one combo
box (quite hard to explain.. I'd suggest to try
both and pick up the one you prefer). I did two
version because I wasn't sure about which is the
most handy; it's more a matter of personal
Currency values of course are just approximate,
since they would need to be updated (the values I
put refer to December 26th 2006). If you wish to
use the exact values, you can easily update them,
editing the file conver.sh (or conver_submenus.sh,
according to which you have chosen to use), in the
section "CURRENCY VALUES" at the top of the file.


You just need to do two quick operations:
  1) copy both the included files (conver.sh and
Conversions.desktop) in the KDE servicemenus
	which is located in
  2) make the file conver.sh executable by
		to do this, just change directory into
servicemenus folder, 
		then type:		 chmod a+x conver.sh

 	~~~~~~~~	Done!	~~~~~~~~


I also added a link to console-only version... for
people that are too lazy to right click on any
window... :-)
The 3rd screenshot refers to the console version

 Version 1.0 had 3 typos, which cause wrong output
messages.. now fixed

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