[Kde-announce-apps] KBookRipper 0.8

Erik Ridderby paddlaren at gmail.com
Thu Dec 28 10:35:35 CET 2006

Name: KBookRipper
Version: 0.8
Type: CD/DVD Software
Depend: Kommander
License: GPL
More Info:

 KBookRipper is a CD-riper based on cdparanoia
focused on audio books delivered on CD. It will
rip a set of CDs with the same meta data. The
output format is OGG, not MP3. The CDs assumes to
be part of a audio book.

I wrote it since I was very annoyed that the meta
data for a book delivered on several CDs never was
the same for all CDs and frequently was missing
for at least one of the CDs. The crappy meta data
made it hard to rip books with K3B.

This program allows you to enter meta data
(author, title, published year) that is used for
all the CDs in the book. The only meta data that
is changed if the CD-number and that one is
increased automatically.

Each books is stored on disk kept together and
files are named with the assumption to be part of
a book. 

For me, this little program has been most valuable
since I have ripped about 150 aduio books to put
them on my MP3-player. Or, rather, my OGG-player.
The output of this program if ogg-files. There is
no option what so ever to create MP3-files
(although it is a GPLed software and lame takes
about the same command options as the oggenc

The applications is made with kommander. The
working part is written in bash and the script
depends on cdparanoia and oggenc. The command play
is used to play a little blip when ac CD is done
(blip not included). The script will fail if
cdparanoia or oggenc is missing (do the test in
the settings-page). If the command play is missing
only the blip will fail.

I've used this for a about one hundred books and I
have designed the GUI myself. I guess that
disqualifies me to actually have any opinions
about the GUI and usability. Du feel free to send
me an email and give me feedback. If you think
this application is useless, please let me know

// Erik

 V 0.8:
- Enabled options in the Settings page:
  + Paranoia mode
  + Encoder quality
  + Background encoding
- Added a Check Settings to check that dependences
is fulfilled.

Version 0.7 is the first published version.

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