[Kde-announce-apps] ljKlient 0.0.11

Henrik Pauli ralesk at muszaki.info
Sun Dec 31 01:12:26 CET 2006

Name: ljKlient
Version: 0.0.11
Type: Other Software
Depend: PyKDE/PyQt
License: GPL
Homepage: http://sourceforge.net/projects/ljklient
More Info:

 ljKlient is a KDE LiveJournal client, written in
Python 2.4 (as such, it requires PyQt and PyKDE
for KDE 3.x).  It is currently in an early phase,
but the 0.0.x series is useable.  It supports
posting to shared journals, selecting userpics,
LiveJournal-supplied moods and custom ones,
current music, tags and simple post security

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