[Kde-announce-apps] kAnyRemote 2.4

Mike Fedotov mo_fedotov at mail.ru
Tue Dec 26 15:22:26 CET 2006

Name: kAnyRemote
Version: 2.4
Type: Telephony
License: GPL
Homepage: http://anyremote.sourceforge.net/
More Info:

 The overall goal of this project is to provide
wireless Bluetooth or InfraRed remote control
service for KDE. In contrast with other Bluetooth
remote control programs kAnyRemote is not 
limited to SonyEriccson or JSR-82 capable phones.
It was developed as just thin "communication"
layer beetween bluetooth-capabled phone and Linux,
and in principle could be configured 
to manage any software. 
But Bluetooth is not the only way to use it.
kAnyRemote could be used with:
 - IR-capabled phone
 - with cable connection
 - it could accept incoming connection from
 - it could in work with Java client written for
JSR82 capabled phones (like Bemused) 
 - it have limited support for existing Bemused

 Maintenance release. Java Client was tested with

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