[Kde-announce-apps] KDEAddons-Emulation 3.5.3

Matthias Fenner informix at web.de
Wed Dec 13 00:14:43 CET 2006

Name: KDEAddons-Emulation
Version: 3.5.3
Type: KDE Improvement
License: GPL
Homepage: http://www.fenner.info
More Info:

 KDEAddons-Emulation 3.5.3
The general puropse of this package is the full
desktop integration of all available emulators and
virual machines for the linux operating system.
Using kde and its basic components, it is possible
to reduce the setup and access up to a minimum. 

To get a small overview, feel free to read the
documentation and install the deb or rpm package
which should run on every distribution.


-Many, many bugfixes. Some parts rewritten.
-Now supports commandline options, which will be
used prior to emuexec.conf
-Now dialog mode is selectable: kdialog, gnome,
-Improved and rewritten automatic screenshot
-Screenshots now generated using xwd, if
imagemagicks (import) is not installed
-3 New Compression formats supported : arj,lha,zoo
-Many new actions: e.g. install emulators using:
emuexec [Driver] install


-Joystick helper application to deal with all
tasks regarding input settings
 Just execute "joyhelper -h" (requires perl)
-Joystick daemon to record button combos and
execute commands during:
 Defaults: Button 1+2+3+4 = Screenshot , Button
5+6+7+8 = Exit emulator
-Automatic joystick setup for:
 dgen, freevo, mupen64, mythtv, sdlmame, sdlmess,
snes9x, vba, xe, xmame and xmess
-Media control and Volume Control:
 Control Volume and Media players using button
combos (try: joyhelper -joyd -mc amarok)


-Improved freevo and mythtv config generation
-Now xmess/sdlmess systems can be set inside
-Autogenerate Mythtv and Freevo joystick settings
using input.conf
-New emuexec option to use a single path to find
software images


-Many smaller improvements and updates
-SDLMESS/SDLMAME driver added
-XMESS/XMAME driver improved
-SDL/XMESS system can now be specified on the
 e.g. "emuexec -system=sms sdlmess run Sonic.sms"

... and much more

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