[Kde-announce-apps] BasKet Note Pads 0.6.0 & 0.6.1Beta2

Sébastien Laoût slaout at linux62.org
Tue Dec 19 17:37:16 CET 2006

Name: BasKet Note Pads
Version: 0.6.0 & 0.6.1Beta2
Type: Other Utility
Depend: KDE 3.x
License: GPL
Homepage: http://basket.kde.org/
More Info:

 This multi-purpose note-taking application can
helps you to:

- Easily take all sort of notes
- Collect research results and share them
- Centralize your project data and re-use them
- Quickly organize your toughts in idea boxes
- Keep track of your information in a smart way
- Make intelligent To Do lists
- And a lot more...

This application provides several baskets where to
drop every sort of notes: rich text, links,
images, sounds, files, colors, application
Objects can be edited, copied, dragged... So, you
can arrange them as you want !
This application can be used to quickly drop web
objects (link, text, images...) or notes, as well
as to free your clutered desktop (if any).
It is also useful to collect informations for a
report. Those data can be shared with co-workers
by exporting baskets to HTML.

For a more complete presentations, see:

For a lot more screenshots showing all windows if
the application, see:

== Take Part in the Usability Survey Today! ==

Are you a user of BasKet Note Pads?
Then help the BasKet Note Pads Usability Project
to improve this application!

It is easy: just follow the link from the project
homepage: http://basket.openusability.org/ and
start the survey. It will take you less than 20

[About the BasKet Note Pads Usability Project:]

This is the project set up by Frank Ploss, the
student who is participating to the
OpenUsability.org's "Season of Usability" and
maintainer of the BasKet Usability Project. It is
part of a research project for his diploma thesis
at the Univesity of Hamburg, Germany.

The aim of the usability project is to improve the
usability of the BasKet Note Pads tool. Usability,
as Frank sees it, not only depends on the user
interface, but also on the underlying assumptions
that are made about the users and their context of
use. So, knowing about the users, their contexts
and claims are of vital importance for this

Also, the aim of this project is to also involve
you, the users, into the development of BasKet
Note Pads. With your specific knowledge about how
you use BasKet Note Pads and with what intentions,
you can make a difference in the further
development of the application!

To find out about further possibilities to
participate, please visit
http://basket.openusability.org and subscribe to
the email newsletter or the RSS feed or email
frank.ploss (à) informatik.uni-hamburg.de.

 BasKet Note Pads 0.6.1 Beta 2:

- Export sub-baskets when exporting to HTML
- Shows a progress dialog during the HTML
exportation process

BasKet Note Pads 0.6.1 Beta 1:

- Export baskets in basket-archive files, and open
them on another computer
- Added a new background image
- Removed the useless export dialog when exporting
to HTML. Instead, show a standard file dialog
(with folder and file name pre-filled)
- German translation
- Italian translation
- Updated translation for European Portuguese

BasKet Note Pads 0.6.0:

- An improved experience
- A faster application
- Basket hierarchy
- Kontact integration
- Filter all baskets at once
- Password-protected baskets
- Tags revolutioning your organisation
- Multi-columns baskets
- Freely positionnable notes
- Rich text formating
- Collapsable groups of notes
- Manipulate several notes at once
- Screen zone grabbing

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