[Kde-announce-apps] Media Tag Tools 0.3

Theofilos Intzoglou int.teo at gmail.com
Mon Dec 18 01:02:12 CET 2006

Name: Media Tag Tools
Version: 0.3
Type: Sound Application
Depend: Qt 3.x
License: GPL
Homepage: http://mediatagtools.berlios.de
More Info:

 Media Tag Tools is as the name suggests a
collection of tools to help you tag your audio
files, rename them using the data present in their
tags and/or categorise the files in folders

New: SuSE rpms thanks to Andreas Schneider
New: Debian package kindly provided by Gregory
New: Slackware package thanks to Thomas Merkel

 --- 0.3 --- 17 Dec 2006
* Fixed [ Bug #8306 ] Does not open files with
UPPERCASE extension (e.g.
* Fixed [ Bug #8764 ] closing & reopening the
Format options dialog mangles
order, thanks to mikeX and his patch :-)
* Fixed [ Bug #8756 ] Pasting in a field does not
update it
* Fixed [ Bug #9040 ] ID3v1 tag purge behaviour
* Fixed [ Bug #9440 ] 'Rename file(s)' operation
does not work the second time
* Fixed removed ID3v1 tags reappearing magically
* Fixed a bug that while no change was done during
rename because of an error,
no warning message was displayed
* Fixed a bug with the "Correct case" functions
* Fix bug: Creating tags from filename should
update the view below the list
* Added genre list
* Updates and fixes to the list view. It should
work faster now and way better
for single files.
* We can handle files with no tags at all without
creating a new tag unless
* Added profiling option for debug sessions
* More bug fixes! This time "Add Folder" and
normal tag editing should work as
* Added new build system using a configure script
generated by qconf
* Changing the case of multiple tags is now
feasible using the right click
* The "Correct case" button was removed from the
interface as it would only
confuse people with its new function
* Move Up/Down & Remove All buttons are now usable
* Removed a couple of options from CFormat Dialog
(not really useful)

--- 0.2 --- 6 Jul 2006
* Keep changes in memory and save tags later
* Seperate automatic tag generation and tag saving
* Fix to [ Bug #7247 ] "Entered tag information is
not reset after the tag is saved"
* Fixed a bug that made some times tags lose their
genre type after being selected
* Add i18n to the project
* Fill ID3v2 tag fields from ID3v1 data if empty
* Add File(s) was implemented
* Menus are now populated with all the options
that are available as buttons or via the right
click menu

--- 0.1.1 --- 10 Mar 2006
* Some GUI cleanup
* Add a warning when "Rename Files" tries to
overwrite a file

-- 0.1 --- 19 Feb 2006
* Some bug fixes and cosmetic changes
* Added a confirmation dialog for removing tags
from files

--- 0.1beta3 --- 28 Dec 2005
* Text fields' encoding should now be always set
correctly to UTF8
* The lib requirements are now mentioned in the
* Fixed ogg and flac support (needs testing)
* A couple of cosmetic fixes

--- 0.1beta2 --- 30 Oct 2005
* Added a menu on right click on the list view
* You can now use "Leading Zeros" feature when
renaming files
* Progressbar now appears only when needed
* Bug fixes...

--- 0.1beta ---
* The GUI changed a lot from the original mtt
* Some scripts were created to make package/tag
packages easier
* Most features work for mp3 files

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