[Kde-announce-apps] Mailody 0.2.0

Tom Albers tomalbers at kde.nl
Sat Dec 9 14:47:03 CET 2006

Name: Mailody
Version: 0.2.0
Type: Mail Application
License: GPL
Homepage: http://www.mailody.net
More Info:

 A Qt/KDE based mail client which only supports
the IMAP protocol. It supports tabbed email
reading, threading, and lots more

 v0.2.0                   2006-12-09
- Fixes for several imap servers: uw-imap,  
Dovecot, Courier, Microsoft & others
- Several fixes to be more rfc complient for smtp
and imap.
- Several fixes for SSL and TLS for smtp and imap.
- Fixes several crashes related to actions which
were available at wrong moments.
- The user interface is now more responsive when
fetching mailboxes or opening large mailboxes.
- Fix so a redirected message shows who redirected
- Fix for a bug where the background of a html
messages became sticky.
- Fix resync mailbox so it deletes all local
messages to prevent ghost messages.
- Support for authentication with smtp.
- Add 'copy' to context menu of addresses.
- Added a warning when trying to send large
- Forwarding attachments no longer mangles
- Properly encode sender address if needed.
- Sent messages are now threaded properly.

0.2.0-rc1               2006-11-15
- Use the fancy dates, similar to KMail
- Select all messages added
- Size column added to headerview
- Almost complete Apidox documentation
- Better attachment handling
- Possibility to view messages in a fixed font
- Possibility to print a message
- Threading
- Zoom in / Zoom out
- Middle click opens a message in a new tab
- Hyperlinks and mailtos are now clickable, also
in plain text mode
- In-reply-to header is now send
- Warnings when SSL/TLS is not possible, instead
of silently doing nothing
- Honour Reply-to header, so replies to
mailinglists are now handled better
- Fix refresh mailbox list
- Possibility to mark all messages as read for a
- Make it possible to connect to a custom port
- Autocompletion now works on all known email
- Possibility to Add to KDE addressbook from the
- Left click on an email address in the mainview
opens the composer
- KWallet is no longer needed, if you don't like
KWallet, you will be prompted for a password
- New mail notification
- Labeling of messages is now prettier
- Prevent auto-logout by sending a NOOP every 25
- Faster loading of the Composer due to reading
the Addressbook after Composer is shown
- Switched to a different socket handler, improves
stability when changing servers
- Implement left/right to browse through the
headers, up/down scrolls the message
- Dozens of small bugfixes / small improvements,
not all visible stuff.

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