[Kde-announce-apps] ISO - DAX - CSO Converter 1.01

Radovan Kanizaj kradovan at hotmail.com
Fri Dec 8 00:03:13 CET 2006

Name: ISO - DAX - CSO Converter
Version: 1.01
Type: Kommander Script
Depend: Kommander
License: GPL
More Info:

 This is simple Kommander script for converting
PSP UMD backups between three file formats ISO DAX
and CSO.
Script depends on:
		ciso v1.01
		daxcr v0.3
		umdsign v?.?
Source for ciso umdsign are now included in
download arhive.
Reason for this is was minor modifications to
sources to avoid warnings and errors during
compile and execution.
ciso was missing some includes
umdsign had some windows specific calls and
missing includes
Kommander is part of kdewebdev3 package
To compile ciso and daxcr gcc and zlib-devel
package must be installed.

Original source for ciso and umdsign is part of
devhook SDK 0.46.0000 file is called dh046_SDK.rar
and it can be found on various PSP forums and
To compile ciso:
Extract source to some folder
in Konsole type:

gcc -o ciso ciso.c -lz

ciso will be created and there shud't be any
errors and warnings
to make ciso executable type:

chmod a+x ciso

copy ciso to path eg. "/usr/local/bin" 

Usage: ciso level infile outfile
  level: 1-9 compress ISO to CSO (1=fast/large -
         0   decompress CSO to ISO

To build umdsign

in Konsole type:
gcc -o umdsign umdsign.c

umdsign will be created and there shud't be any
errors and warnings
to make umdsign executable type:

chmod a+x umdsign

copy umdsign to path eg. "/usr/local/bin" 

Usage: umdsign [iso_filename]

Source for daxcr is part of DAX ZISO loader and it
can be found at
To compile daxcr:
Extract source to some folder
in Konsole type:


daxcr will be created warnings are OK if there is
no errors
to make daxcr executable type:

chmod a+x daxcr

copy daxcr to path eg. "/usr/local/bin" 

Greeting Kradovan

 Added support for UMDSign
Some minor gui fixes

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