[Kde-announce-apps] KWlan 0.5.7

Thomas Michel tom.michel at arcor.de
Wed Dec 6 00:02:32 CET 2006

Name: KWlan
Version: 0.5.7
Type: Networking Tool
Depend: KDE 3.x
License: GPL
More Info:

 Network manager for kde.

Allows you to configure different network profiles
using all encryptions wpa_supplicant provides
(wep, wpa, wpa2 etc) for wireless networks. 
Since version 0.4.5 kwlan can connect to
unencrypted networks if wpa_supplicant is not

Kwlan can also store profiles for wired networks.

Dialup networks can be edited and connected to as

Systray icons show connection statistics per
interface (can be disabled).

 Version 0.5.7
- Use only /sys/class for interface detection and
statistics instead of ifconfig
- start pppd in user mode instead of root mode
(requires user to be in dialup group,
  respects linux group access rights)
- Added warning if user is not in dialup group
- Added documentation (at least started it...)

Version 0.5.6
- Fixed Bug: encrypted networks are not stored

Version 0.5.5
- Fixed Bug: Last Profile was not selected on
startup of wpa_supplicant
- Fixed Bug: KWlan tried to get an ip address on
startup even if interface
  already had one
- Fixed bug: Typo in creation of ISDN dialup
- Fixed bug: Analog networks were not stored
- Added "New Interface found" wizzard
- Disabled encryption configuration if
wpa_supplicant is not started
- Tooltip for wireless interface does not show
rows for data that is unavailable
  (like link quality or signal level, which is not
shown or all network cards)
- Added support for modem init string

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