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Wed Aug 2 01:03:54 CEST 2006


Added: --presdir option for preserving directory

Added: tagging support for CD->BONK (Artist &
Title) Only.

Added: FreeBSD port thanks to Andrew Pantyukhin

Updated: pacinstall - auto-detect installed apps
and update pac.conf
to reflect their locations.

Bug Fix: Translated help menus now load properly.
Bug Fix: Added missing not_a_valid_encoder French
Bug Fix: Removed bogus --mp3enc option from
Bug Fix: Removed bogus ALAC option in pac.conf.

Bug Fix: Converting directories with commas or
other special characters          using the
--convertto option now works.

Bug Fix: When converting a directory using the
--convertto option, don't          try to convert
subsequent directories unless the --recursive
option is passed.

Bug Fix: Convert relative path names to absolute
path names for --outdir          when converting
directories. -- Thanks to Chris Stevens for
pointing out this error.


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