[Kde-announce-apps] Katalog 0.4

Stefano Salvador salva_ste at tin.it
Wed Apr 26 21:31:28 CEST 2006

Name: Katalog
Version: 0.4
Type: Database
Depend: KDE 3.4.x
License: GPL
Homepage: http://salvaste.altervista.org
More Info:

 Katalog is back with a new version

With a bit of delay I'm glad to present the new
version of my little application, many new feature
are present, do not expect much hide candy but the
traditional and improved KDE integration, please
note that this is only a preview address to some
brave soul that desire to help me in testing. The
application is quite stable (I hope) but not every
feature is completed.

Have fun !!!

0.4 version depends on sqlite3, so you have to
install it with the -devel
packages if you plan to compile katalog.

Please check that the env variable PKG_CONFIG_PATH
includes the path of your sqlite3

Katalog is a CD organizer integrated in konqueror.

If you have many CDs and tons of downloaded files,
but you aren't able
to remember where you put a file when you need it,
then Katalog may help you.

With this application you can scan a CD and store
all the data about each file in
a tree structured catalog. You can add as many
catalogs as you like. Searching through
the catalogs it's easy and fast.
The folder to search can be on your drive or on a
removable media, such a CD,
ZIP or floppy.
Katalog saves data in a XML file, compressed on
the fly using gzip.

To create a catalog simply right click on a folder
or a device, choose the menu
cAction->Create catalog and a dialog pops up, fill
the required infos and wait a moment.

 0.4 preview
The main change of this release is migration from
an XML file format to a database (Currently I have
tested only SQLite3 but nothing stops from using
any other DB that Qt supports). Old file format is
supported, currently only reading (just click on
your old files to navigate it) but import/export
function are work in progress.
The navigation of catalogs is greatly simplified:
now you can find a katalog folder in Konqueror
sidebar in the services tab, from there you can
find all catalogs and an experimental navigation
through mimetypes.
Last but not least the catalog creation widget now
shows a progress indicator with the possibility to
stop current jobs.
Note: since this new version installs several
configuration files for konqueror you my need to
kill each running instance of it to enable all
functionalities, you can achieve this with a
logoff/login procedure.

Katalog is back with a new version


Uploaded the work of Eugene Kiselev :

XSLT for *.katalog files to transform catalogs to
html format.
XSLT and transformation script are attached.

There is 2 ways to make the transformation:
 1. Run the attached script (usage: transform.sh
). In this
case, you'll need the xsltproc (part of gnome's
libxslt). Of course, it's
possible to change script and force it to use any
another transforming tool
(java xalan or anything else)
 2. Use mozilla/firefox/ie browsers to transform
xml to html (opera and
konqueror can't do so)
a) ungzip 
b) add the string: 
before the KATALOG tag
c) open the result xml file in browser.

Thanks Ujeen


Upload a cleaned archive, only the compilation is
affected by the changes.

Hint: if you google for "Katalog 0.3" it's easy to
find a number of precompiled

0.3: The third release and the second rewrite, the
file format is more rich but the old type is
supported, metainfos are included in the *.katalog
file, dcop interface is the keyword of this
release. Now katalog is a library, a dcop server
and three dcop clients (kfile plugin, service
menu, kioslave). All katalog functionalities are
accessible from command line through dcop. Rename
and Delete actions are supported. Fixed a couple
of bugs.

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