[Kde-announce-apps] Remote Kommander 0.1a

Koen Erens koen.erens at gmail.com
Sat Apr 22 18:04:59 CEST 2006

Name: Remote Kommander
Version: 0.1a
Type: Kommander Script
Depend: Kommander
License: GPL
More Info:

 I made a small and very basic Kommander script
that can control mythtv
using the telnet socket build into ver. 0.19 
With this script you can control any mythfrontend
connected to 
your network. 
I use it when I am working on my Desktop PC and
want to 
change channels, turn the volume down etc. but the
remote is still on 
the livingroomtable, and i'm too lazy to get up
and get it ;)

You need to have Kommander installed 
and also telnet is required on the box you want to
use as a remote.

Nick Rout pointed out to me that you need
netkit-telnetd, and not the telnet from bsd telnet
because the bsd telnet doesnt' support pipes,
which are used extensivly in this script.
You also need to enable the 'Enable Netword Remote
Control Interface'
in the General settings of the mythfrontend 

Keep in mind this is a Proof of Concept so al lot
stuff is still hardcoded, like telnet port, 
up down left right and vol+ en vol-.
you need to edit this file if you assigned non
standard keys 
to these functions.

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