[Kde-announce-apps] Tellico 1.1.5

Robby Stephenson robby at periapsis.org
Thu Apr 20 06:52:11 CEST 2006

Name: Tellico
Version: 1.1.5
Type: Database
Depend: KDE 3.2.x
License: GPL
Homepage: http://www.periapsis.org/tellico/
More Info:

 Tellico is a collection manager for keeping track
of your books, bibliographies, videos, music,
comic books, video games, coins, stamps, trading
cards, wines, or any custom items. It supports any
number of user-defined fields, of several
different types: text, paragraph, list, checkbox,
year, URL, tables, images, dates, and

Tellico imports Bibtex, Bibtexml, MODS, RIS, and
CSV and exports to Bibtex, Bibtexml, CSV, HTML,
and PilotDB. It offers grouping, view filtering,
and searching. Tellico can also import data from
Amazon.com and IMDb.com, along with z39.50
servers, CDDB data, audio files, SRU servers,
several different websites, and from the
Alexandria and GCfilms applications.

 Tellico 1.1.5
* Fixed bug with writing too many temporary image
* Fixed bug in multiple ISBN search for z39.50.
* Fixed "disappearing paragraph" bug in Fancy
* Fixed name ordering for IBS searching.
* Added "Xbox 360" to Amazon.com game searching.
* Fixed crashing bug when deleting and re-adding
fields by same name.
* Fixed HTML decoding bug in IMDb plot summary.
* Fixed bug that re-created default fields when
adding searching results.
* Updated Spanish translation, thanks to Alejandro
Hamann and Quique.
* Changed CD-Text support to Linux-only, since it
doesn't actually work on other platforms.

Tellico 1.1.4
*  Fixed bug that prevented XSLT files with spaces
or other non-encoded characters from being opened.
* Fixed bug with incorrectly setting document as
modified when loading images.
* Fixed bug with loading loans for entries with
non-consecutive ids.
* Fixed bug that caused crashes when changing
grouping options for some fields.
* Fixed bug that prevented files saved with
versions < 0.8 from being opened.
* Fixed image fetching for IBS.
* Fixed compilation for OpenOffice.org SDK 2.0.2.
* Updated French translation.

Tellico 1.1.3
* Fixed bug that prevented the comic book template
from showing up in config options or importers.
* Fixed z39.50 search to use same character
encoding for query as for search results.
* Changed ISO 5426 converter to treat umlaut and
diaeresis identically.
* Fixed intermittent crash when exporting HTML and
overwriting files.
* Fixed bug with empty groups showing up after
deleting entries.
* Updated ru translation.

Tellico 1.1.2
*  Added pt_BR translation, thanks to Claudio
* Fixed HTML export to use relative links.
* Fixed layout problem in HTML export.
* Fixed bug with incorrect group counts.
* Fixed file saving to remember user permissions.
* Updated IMDb importer to get user rating and

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