[Kde-announce-apps] KmPg2 - The MPEG2 Encoder for KDE 1.92

Dik Takken takken at phys.uu.nl
Wed Apr 12 21:02:34 CEST 2006

Name: KmPg2 - The MPEG2 Encoder for KDE
Version: 1.92
Type: Video Application
Depend: Kommander
License: GPL
Homepage: http://kmpg2.sourceforge.net
More Info:

 KmPg2 is a user friendly MPEG2 encoding wizard
that allows the user to easily create high quality
DVD compatible MPEG2 streams from any video file.

Creating high quality MPEG2 streams involves a lot
more than simply feeding the input video to
mpeg2enc/transcode/mencoder/etc. The input video
needs to be carefully prepared by pulling it
through a chain of stream processing tools like
low-pass filters, color correction filters, static
and dynamic chroma and luma noise filters,
scalers, and so on. This processing chain needs to
be tuned in such a way that all irrelevant data
(like noise) is removed before the video enters
the encoder. KmPg2 uses the video processing /
encoding tools from the MJPEGTools project to
achieve this.

KmPg2 features a 'profiler' that enables the user
to interactively create custom pre-processing
pipelines that are optimised for a specific type
of video material. These preprocessing pipelines
(profiles) can be stored and used with the actual
encoding wizard. For example, you could create a
profile that is designed especially for restoring
a single aging VHS tape, or you could create a
profile tuned for your digital camcorder and
re-use it for every new recording that needs to be


* Produces 100% DVD compatible MPEG2 streams from
(almost) *any* input video
* Copy full surround AC3 soundtrack from AVI to
* Supports adding subtitles
* High output quality by using MJPEGTools filters
* Create and store custom image processing presets
* Automatic conversion between NTSC and PAL
* Seperate chroma/luma noise filtering
* Low-Pass filtering support
* Contrast/Brightness/Saturation correction
* White balance correction
* Special black-and-white mode
* Crop image to Widescreen (16:9) or Panavision
* Output conforms to Rec.601 specifications
* Both constant bitrate and variable bitrate
* Unsharp masking
* Correct treatment of both progressive and
interlaced input video
* Support for removing overscan areas
* Provides feedback to user about average/peak
* Show output on screen while encoding
* Generate encoding shell scripts
* Generate quick preview-encodings of parts of
source video


* Kommander >= 1.0 (part of kdewebdev >= 3.3.0)
* Transcode
* Sox
* MJPEG Tools >= 1.8.0
* y4mscaler


* SMIL Utils (for seeking in MiniDV recordings)

How to install: 

Simply unpack the archive and run the
'Installer.kmdr' Kommander script. That's all.

If you encounter bugs, or if you have any comments
or suggestions, please send me an email!

 VERSION 0.90 ( September 27th 2005 )

* Initial release

VERSION 0.91 ( November 15th 2005 )

* Fixed preview buttons in Profiler

VERSION 1.90 ( Januari 9th 2006 )

* Complete rewrite, supports many video formats

VERSION 1.91 ( March 12th 2006 )

* Add second unsharp masking pass
* Some minor fixes

VERSION 1.92 ( April 12th 2006 )

* Fix extreme slowness experienced by some users
* Fix for weird pixel aspect ratios

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