[Kde-announce-apps] GamLetter 0.6

Ingo Marksteiner ingo at fishing-penguins.de
Sat Apr 8 12:02:59 CEST 2006

Name: GamLetter
Version: 0.6
Type: Text Processing
Depend: Gambas 2.x
License: GPL
Homepage: http://www.fishing-penguins.de
More Info:

 GamLetter is a frontend for tetex3/scrlttr2 to
create letters.
It works fine here on Gentoo and gambas2-1.9.28.

Please give me some feedback.

 Since GamLetter-0.6
- Bugfix in vCard-support
- you can use *.jpg, *.png und *.pdf graphics with
pdflatex or *.eps graphics with latex

Since GamLetter-0.5
- Changed to Gambas2-1.9.28. There could be
problems with the checkboxes with earlier
- You can define fonttype and color for the head
- Kontact (vCards) are supported for addresses
- You are able to start GamLetter with the last

Since GamLetter-0.4
!!!*.gllayout from GamLetter-0.3 or earlier won't
work. There are to many changes in GamLetter-0.4.
Sorry :-(!!!
- you can create 30 datafields (phone, mail, bank,
...) and define size, font and place (head left,
head right, beside address, foot left and/or foot
right with offset hor. and ver.) for each
datafield seperatly
- print letters on businesspaper

Since GamLetter-0.3
- new design
- use many languages
- create DVI, PDF, PS, TEX, AUX and LOG files
- place additional data beside the address
- create your own names for phone, fax, ...

Since GamLetter-0.2
- english translation
- save letters as DVI or PDF files
- save the *.tex, *.aux and/or *.log files
- clear workspace
- different size of address in head and additional
data in feet
- different letter options (i.e. Swiss Norm)

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