[Kde-announce-apps] QtiPlot 0.8.2

vasilief ion ion_vasilief at yahoo.fr
Tue Apr 4 20:33:07 CEST 2006

Name: QtiPlot
Version: 0.8.2
Type: Scientific
Depend: Qt 3.x
License: GPL
More Info:

 Data analysis and scientific plotting.
Free clone of Origin.

 0.8.2: New features:
- added templates support: all the settings for
plots (2D/3D), tables and matrixes can be saved to
ASCII files and restored later on, resulting in
faster editing process
- added a simplex fit algorithm (many thanks to
Aaron Van Tassle)
- improved the behaviour of Matrix objects: from
now on you can specify x and y coordinates to be
used when creating a 3D plot from a matrix
- improved the Import/Export ASCII dialogs.
- fixed problems on Mac OSX 10.4
- fixed several bugs and added some small features
reported/suggested by Roger Gadiou.
- the almost complete Spanish translation was
added to the binary packages (thanks to Jose
Antonio Lorenzo Fernandez).

The QwtPlot3D library is no longer shipped with
QtiPlot. Please download and install it before you
try to compile QtiPlot.

If you like these new features (or not), please
vote for QtiPlot (good or bad)! Any kind of
feed-back is highly appreciated!

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