[Kde-announce-apps] cb2Bib 0.6.0

constans constans constans at molspaces.com
Mon Apr 3 02:21:52 CEST 2006

Name: cb2Bib
Version: 0.6.0
Type: Scientific
Depend: Qt 3.x
License: GPL
Homepage: http://www.molspaces.com/cb2bib/
More Info:

 The cb2Bib is a tool for rapidly extracting
unformatted biblographic references from email
alerts, journal Web pages, and PDF files.

The cb2Bib is intended to be used by scientists
and students. It facilitates catching single
references at the time of being announced. The
references are formatted as BibTeX standard. A PDF
file with the article text, if available, can be
easily renamed to more meaningful than the well
known 'science' or 'fulltext.pdf' filenames...
Applications such as Kile, sixpack, JabRef,
Pybliographer, Tellico, or OpenOffice can later
retrieve, import, use, or display these BibTeX
references. In summary, cb2Bib is designed to help
organizing and storing the huge amount of
bibliographic information that everyday reaches
our mailboxes.

 version 0.6.0
This realease fixes some issues found regarding
internal  tag on MacOSX patforms. It is expected
that cb2Bib regular expressions will be more
transferable among different platforms, although
some minor changes might be required for older

version 0.5.3

Preparser functionality through external,
user-defined scripts has been included. This
permits using many available conversion tools to
ease reference extraction from within a cb2Bib
session. Two sample scripts based on the BibUtils
Package, isi2bib and ris2bib, have been added.
Also, the copy/rename functionality now
acknowledges the original file extension, the
embedded editor has had a few minor improvements,
and a contributed regexp has been included.

version 0.5.2

Default text color is taken from user's window
manager instead of being hardcoded to black.
Context, highlight colors are fully customizable.
Minor bugs related to the BibTeX parser and
abstract automatic guess have been fixed. Title
and ISBN automatic guesses has been added.

version 0.5.1

BibTeX parser considers non-bracket, single word
bibliographic entries. An edit menu has been added
in the BibTeX editor. It permits setting the
active LyX pipe. The network configuration file
netqinf.txt has been updated. Its syntax now
allows HTML post commands.

version 0.5.0

The cite ID format can be customized. First author
name or all authors initial, journal initials,
first page number, volume, and year full or
abbreviated are possible placeholders in the ID
pattern. A JSTOR predefined regular expression has
been added. Capitalization for author names in
full form has been fixed.

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