Status Accessibility Week 44

chrys chrys at
Wed Oct 31 22:52:16 GMT 2018

Howdy List,

Yes :) i did not give up yet and do not give up in near future. So don't 
worry here :)!!!111
I made myself a task to inform you periodical to the state of our a11y 
efforts. (maybe once per week or so)

1. I have an KDE developer account know!! YAY :). But i promise to not 
do anything with it until my mentor federik allow me to do so. I want to 
do the a11y development for a longer time and wont stop tomorrow doing 
that (for personal reasons). I swear :)!!!!111
2. I polished some stuff on my patch to fix the tab-bar of "dash" 
starting menu to make the fix more logical (thanks to federik for any 
3. I learned: most of the issues are not mostly related to missing a11y 
labels like it was for the desktop(this is easy to patch), but the focus 
and keyboard navigation needs most of work.
4. we need some general implementation guidelines for keyboard 
navigation and focus handling for plasma (KDE?) at all. like noted here:
we need some public discussion here. not sure where is the right place.
5. we have some ongoing discussion about the most important part; the 
task switcher. Thanks to all here!
6. i also did not idle: i have the first, "one and only" inital 
accessible version of kickoff (the default start menu) on my computer!! 
it is still not free on bugs, and federik would kill me ;) if i would 
send this as final solution, but it works!
BUT it also means that i figured what to do. i will fix the bugs, clean 
the patch (code) up and send it in.

Priority: is still the task switcher (as most important task) and the 
start menus.

1. i need some native english speaker :) to support me with the wiki
2. i don't own an blog (yea i don't  lol). is there someone out there 
what want to blog for me to spread the information to the 
and the world? a11y needs more attention, for our KDE reasons... yea... 
but overall YES!

so let me know if you want to help out here! plz :) don't let me hang on 
alone! i bet on you!

@federik about this:
yea would be definitive good. mumble? IRC? what native speaker are you 
:)? when do you have time to give a talk to me? I can not wait to meet 
you. special thanks from my side for your help!
from my side: i m from Germany, so i speak german best. you can find me 
on (IRC) (mostly 24/7). I have 4 days off now. so i 
will be mostly flexible here (not on Friday).


cheers chrys

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