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chrys at chrys at
Mon Oct 22 11:11:53 BST 2018

Howdy List,

as nobody complaind about my idea to be the coordinator or team  
"leader" of the plasma kde accessibility project, I see me confirmed  
in this role now.

Whats current?
first of all my patch for making desktop icons accessible is applied  
and backported to 5.12.x, 5.14.x and master.
so YAY!

I apply for an KDE developer account because i will provide more stuff  
in near futur.
not sure whats needed here or if i will be confirmed (since i only  
provide one patch yet). but for sure not my last ;). what brings me to  
"whats next":
I started on T9878 "Default application starter menu is missing a11y Labels"
to make our 3 nice preinstalled menus accessible. The ranking of  
working state:
1. "kicker" works best. only issue you cannot navigate to favorite  
section (for testers i would recomment this!)
2. "dashboard" works well. 2 a11y lables are missing. but keyboard  
navigation doesnt respect the "panel boarders"
3. "kickoff" - the default menu. doesnt work at all. only accessible  
text is the search box.
I assume this to be fixed to end of the week.

if anyone is interested in help write code or documentation let me know. :).

for T7034 "Accessibility in KWin window switcher"
i try to take a look at but its currently to rought for me (whatever  
on gnome or kde side). so i will ask how this works in gnome on orca  
list, to get an idea how it works to give an idea how to fix it. on  
gnome side it looks liek an special stylesheed is set what is  
interpreted as "ATK_STATE_SELECTED".

cheers chrys

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