[Kde-accessibility] initial kde orca accessibility findings

Jude DaShiell jdashiel at panix.com
Mon Jul 25 03:15:53 UTC 2016

Earlier today I used firmware debian iso to install a kde system on a hard 
drive.  I also installed gnome-orca and most of gnome-orca's recommended 
packages with exception of xbrlapi which would have needed an extra 
I rebooted the system and waited after the first login prompt from the 
screen reader since that would be for the text terminal.
Then I logged in with kde and tried running orca.  Orca ran once and 
showed me nothing on the screen.  Subsequent reboots and attempts to run 
orca failed.  Next I dropped out of kde login with ctrl-alt-f1 and logged 
in as that console user.
I found out I could kill espeak then run startx and wait and then login 
kde.  This time attempting to run orca was successful and I got orca set 
up earlier in one of the console sessions by running orca -t but it 
couldn't connect to the desktop then so I thought it had failed.
After running orca in kde I hear kde plasma desktop and then I'm put into 
a dialog to set the date.  I think I can set the date, but will have to 
read up on how to exit that calendar app and move onto the rest of the 
system.  I haven't managed that yet and figured I'd best write up my 
initial findings before I forget them.  Orca does not start up 
automatically in kde with startx used to start kde it has to be done each 
time after login.  Also it appears orca and kdm do not play nicely 
together which is what prompted me to use startx.
More than that right now, I do not know and that's my story for now and 
I'm sticking to it.  Any suggestions for things to try now I've got this 
far will be appreciated and as I have time to try them I'll let you know 
the results.


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