[Kde-accessibility] Features of KMag

guenter guenter.k at arcor.de
Fri Jul 3 17:06:16 UTC 2015

Am 01.07.2015 um 22:11 schrieb Renato Resende Ribeiro de Oliveira:
> Hi Bob!
> This is of course it is possible.
> If you want, you can join me on improving the KMag.
> I created a GitHub repo and replicated the code of KMag's 4.14 branch.
> I just tested in Linux and the coking feature works fine now. I just
> have to improve the UI parts related to the new feature (labels, i18n,
> hide toolbars, etc).
> Take a look:
> https://github.com/renatorroliveira/xkmag
Hi Renato,

compliments for your effort to take over KMag!

I cloned your xkmag but I had no luck building it, neither with KDevelop
using your project nor running cmake.
Could you, please, check your project as a different user on your
machine by a clean checkout.

BTW I'm running OpenSuse 13.1.




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