[Kde-accessibility] Simon: Audio submission

Peter Grasch peter at grasch.net
Mon Jan 19 10:42:23 UTC 2015


On Sunday, January 18, 2015 07:57:27 AM David Kleuker wrote:
> did you know that all talks of the 31C3 and most of 30C3 are recorded,
> transcribed and published under a free license?
I did not know that. That's great, thanks!

> http://media.ccc.de/browse/congress/2014/index.html
> http://subtitles.media.ccc.de/wiki/en:contact
> https://events.ccc.de/congress/2013/wiki/Projects:Subtitles/status
> there was also a talk about making the subtitles:
Yes, this is a topic I'm also exploring in a project that I'm sadly not 
allowed to talk about right now. Soon, maybe, though.

Again, thanks for the pointer!

Best regards,

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