[Kde-accessibility] Presentation, follow text and some other things

Mario Fux A11Y ML a11y-ml at unormal.org
Thu Jan 30 13:23:12 UTC 2014

Am Mittwoch, 29. Januar 2014, 01.36:57 schrieb Adrián Perales:
> Hi.

Morning Adrián

> First of all, my English is not very good when talking about this kind
> of topic (I'm Spanish), so excuse me if I don't explain very well. I am
> a regular desktop user with no much experience with collarobating in a
> project, so excuse me if some of the points that I'm going to explain
> are not in the correct place, or maybe they are implemented and I didn't
> saw them.
> I have sight issues, a some time ago I used a propietary accessibilty
> program wich features I miss now that I need then, and I know that you
> could implement them :)
> I activated the Kwin zoom, because KMag seems to be oriented to be
> floating on the desktop more than magnify all the screen. And there are
> two points in wich this zoom is not very usefull: it doesn't follow text
> cursor nor "menu focus". I explain.
> Imagine you're writing a mail with Kmail or Thunderbird (like I'm doing
> writing this), and the text disapear from the magnified zone of the
> screen, you don't see what you're writing. With "follow text cursor" I
> mean that the cursor that appears when writing text should be focused
> instead of the mouse when writing.
> With "Menu Focus" I refer to this cases when you're moving between menus
> or programs with your keyboard. You select an element on the meno, or in
> Dolphin, press "down" to select another, and in some momeent the element
> selected is out of sight. The zoom should follow the focused item in
> each case.

IIRC there was some work about this some time ago. Probably in kwin. Martin 
Graesslin (in CC:) might know more about it.

> The last thing is an option that I remember I saw but I can't find now,
> and It's useful when I'm not using the zoom. Press a key to make a
> signal that mark where the mouse cursor is in the screen.
> And I think that's all for now. Sorry again if I saw things that you
> alredy have implemented or you have in your roadmap, or this isn't the
> good place for asking for them.

Best regards

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