[Kde-accessibility] how blue must blue be for blue-on-yellow color scheme?

Matthew Woehlke mw_triad at users.sourceforge.net
Sat Feb 2 03:51:25 CET 2008

Brian Cameron wrote:
> I guess I don't really understand the need to figure out exactly what
> colors make the most sense.  Why not just provide a single white on black
> theme, and then allow users to modify/configure the two colors to whatever
> they want.  This would allow people (regardless of disability) to pick the
> colors that make the most sense for them.  Perhaps the configuration tool
> could suggest a few color combinations that people think make sense for
> various disabilities.  But as long as it is configurable, users will be
> able to get what they need.

As the Cygwin community would say, Somebody Has To Do It. For one, I can 
virtually guarantee this can't be done in real-time. The oxygen cursor 
build system does something like this, but it's what I'd call "developer 
level", and takes a few minutes to generate a single theme. This could 
be made more user-friendly, but I don't think a kcm is a reasonable 
option. A 'make your own icon theme' utility might work, though. However...

> I'd think it would be fairly easy to take a 2-color white/black icon
> and recolor it with two other colors on the fly.

...when did we start talking about icons? :-)

For color schemes (color scheme = 'kcmshell colors'), unless you don't 
care about any of your background or text roles being different (i.e. 
literal two-color scheme, with selection and decorations a mixture of 
the two "base" colors), it gets rather more complicated. There's about 
12-18 colors you probably want to be distinctive, something like 60 that 
can be set, and that doesn't count state effects which I customize to 
each scheme.

> This seems more sensible
> than spending a lot of time creating multiple icon themes that are identical
> except for the color usage.

Again, I'm not sure where we started talking about icons. Depending on 
how finicky you are, a color scheme can be knocked out in anywhere from 
five minutes to an hour or two (the upper limit implies lots of time 
trying something, changing you mind, getting distracted, etc.).

"It's impossible! But... do-able."
   -- Robert MacDougal (Sean Connery, Entrapment)

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