[Kde-accessibility] debian sarge kdeaccessibility build attempt

Jude DaShiell jdashiel at shellworld.net
Wed Jan 25 05:46:39 CET 2006

I got a few things done.  The configure script in kdeaccessibility package 
is complaining about a missing qt libraries and headers.  Maybe debian has 
these in its alternative archives but I don't yet know where to download 
them.  I have festival talking when emacspeak runs and that's with eflite. 
Beyond that speakup is in use for the text consoles.  One thing I would 
like to know is once startx is run, will kdetts or something else in the 
kdeaccessibility package start talking so I can at least know what's 
happening on the way to applications?  I don't have a refreshable braille 
display and the eyesight is so bad no amount of magnification will help in 
this lifetime at least.

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