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Luciano Montanaro mikelima at cirulla.net
Sun Jan 1 15:24:46 CET 2006

On Sunday 01 January 2006 12:43, Mark Hannessen wrote:
> hi list.
> I very often use a lot of "special characters"
> But I have some trouble getting them to work in kde.
> I already switched my template to english with deadkeys.
> this way I get most of the chracters I use without to much trouble,
> ö,ä,ü,ï,ë,ó,á,ú,í,é,ô,â,û,î,ê

Recent KDE/X upgrade removed my preferred keyboard layout - the international
US layout does not work anymore like it used to - I used to have the accents 
grouped in the right section of the keyboard, accessible through the "AltGr" 
key. I am now learning the standard "US" keyboard with a "Compose" key, which 
is normally mapped on the same right Alt key. It may take a while to learn 
it, but it allows you to compose more characters.

> but I also very often use characters like the a,o,u,i,e with a - on top of
> it, and the same characters with a - on top of it and a ´ on top of that.
> I have not found any way to add these characters in kde.
> does anyone know any way to get them?
> and if possible, does anyone know if it is possible to add them in the same
> way dead keys work?
> something like:
> pressing - and o,a,u,i,e would give you o,a,u,i,e with a - on top.
> and pressing _ would give you o,a,u,i,e with both - and ´ on top.

With the us basic keyboard (be sure to activate a compose key in the XKB 
options), you can type "āēīōū" with the sequence Compose, Shift+-, a.
I don't know how to compose both the overline and the acute accent on
the same charachter though.

You can have a look at this file for inspiration.

Maybe using the compose key, followed by underscore, the dead accent and the 
letter could do the trick.


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                \X/ mikelima at cirulla.net
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