[Kde-accessibility] Switching between voices

Mikolaj Machowski mikmach at wp.pl
Sun Jan 9 12:09:09 CET 2005


Some time ago I wrote about recognizing language in Konq and switching
to appropriate voice. This is the best solution but would require
changes outside of kttsd and isn't complete - what about other programs?

There should be easier way to switch, provided in kttsmgr applet. You
could add to applet context menu section Voices where user could switch
between voices with single click - example how it could look are Basket
or KRadio (sorry, couldn't find core-KDE examples; in KMail applet
folders are in submenu which isn't the best solution from accesability

For Konqueror Tool could be two entries - Speak text (default), and
Speak text with submenu providing choice between all available voices.

In this way default could be Polish and without changing default
configuration user could choose to speak some text in other lang.


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