[Kde-accessibility] KSayIt and KDE Accessibility

Olaf Jan Schmidt ojschmidt at kde.org
Mon Jan 12 22:04:02 CET 2004

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Hi Robert!

After seeing KSayIt on kde-apps.org, I would like to invite you to join 
our KDE Accessibility Project (http:://accessibility.kde.org) and 
subscribe to our mailing list at 

My twin brother Gunnar has written a similar application, KMouth (see 
http://www.schmi-dt.de/kmouth/index.en.html ) because out mother lost her 
voice. Is there a similar background to your application, or did you do 
it just for fun?

KMouth is officially part of KDE 3.2, which will be released in a few 
days. Both KMouth and KSayIt have a number of features the other 
application is missing. Would you be willing to port these features (like 
the nice system tray functionality) over to KMouth? This means you would 
have to abandon some of the code you wrote for KSayIt, but the parts of 
KSayIt that do not have an equivalent in KMouth could become an official 
part of KDE 3.3 if you are willing to cooperate with us.

Since you have experience with text-to-speech DCOP functionality, you 
might also be interested in looking at kttsd in the kdenonbeta CVS 
module, which is a project started and abandonded by Pupeno. It currently 
needs a new maintainer.

kttsd is a text-to-speech DCOP service for KDE, and my plan is to 
integrate it into KDE 3.3 and make it work with the KDE notification 
service and maybe with the clock applet. Would you be interested in 
helping us doing this?

If you wish to develop KSayIt as an independent application doing similar 
things as KMouth, then this is really OK. But there is so much work to do 
in the KDE Accessibility Project where your talent would be of great help 
to us... Please join out mailing list and our project, whatever you 
choose to do to make KDE more accessible to disabled users is a great 
help and very welcome. KDE needs you!

Maybe we can have a chat via irc, instant messaging or via the good old 

Looking forward to hearing from you,


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Olaf Jan Schmidt, KDE Accessibility Project
KDEAP co-maintainer, maintainer of http://accessibility.kde.org

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