[Kde-accessibility] Questions regarding AT-SPI and ATK

Padraig O'Briain Padraig.Obriain at sun.com
Wed Jul 30 09:24:48 CEST 2003

ATK depends only on glib.

I have noticed that AT-SPI has dependencies on gtk+ and gail. I am not sure why 
the dependency on gial is there. As for gtk+, it is used in some of the test 
programs. It is also used in the directory atk-bridge which builds a GTK module 
which is loaded into programs at initialization to provide accessibility 
support. If KDE were to use AT-SPI it would need a similar mechanism.


> > 5. In order to get an acceptable solution for KDE we have to evaluate the
> > dependencies of those parts of the GNOME Accessibility Architecture that 
> > will be used within KDE. When looking at ATK and the broker I fear that 
> > both will most likely have too much dependencies. However, as we currently 
> > do not have a clear position of KDE to AT-SPI, so I cannot say which 
> > dependencies will be OK and which have to be changed.
> > 
> > If what I heard is correct the ATK dependencies are due a dependency on 
> > GAIL which was introduced in order to force the user to have a working
> > architecture once ATK is installed. This dependency on GAIL pulls a
> > dependency on GNOME into ATK and should be avoided if we decide to use ATK 
> > in KDE.
> Hmmm... Perhaps Padraig or someone else can speak to this, but I didn't
> think that ATK depends upgon GAIL.  The reverse is true.

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