[Kde-accessibility] Re: Qt Accessibility

Volker Hilsheimer vohi at trolltech.com
Thu Jul 17 15:23:15 CEST 2003

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> [Maks Orlovich]
> > That's why it's important to leave
> > multiple entrances. Especially if the major one will be largely
> > controlled by a 3rd party potentially limited in its flexibility by
> > corporate sponsorship, and how, although doing its best and being as
> > helpful as it can be, might not be able to do everything that's
> > nor could reasonably be expected to.
> I am not sure whether you are refering to Sun or to Trolltech. Anyway,
> AT-SPI offers a way to provide custom interfaces if really needed.
> I don't whether Trolltech is planning something similar, but you should
> rather convince them than me if you wish to have it in Qt.
> Olaf.

Right now, Qt's accessibility infrastructure is QCom based, so in theory
you could declare your own interface, support it by reimplementing
queryInterface, and use it (your client has to know about it, or in this
case rather the bridge).

I guess this will be a feature that we will not want to lose, and probably
we will make use of it. Assuming that we have a second interface
QAccessibleAction, then this interface would only be implemented QWidgets
that actually can have actions QPushButtons. A QFrame or QLabel doesn't
have to support this interface.


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