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Volker Hilsheimer vohi at trolltech.com
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Ok, this was a very useful read and will definitely help us extending the
QAccessibility interfaces.

It seems however that you missed the purpose of
QAccessibleInterface::text() - it can return a string representing Name,
Description, Value, Help, Accelerator and DefaultAction for the object.
This should turn a couple of "No"s into "Yes"s :)



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[vohi at trolltech.com]
> We are currently working on extending our interface with functions that
> make it possible for us to integrate with the Mac-OS-X Accessibility
> infrastructure, as they have a standard already. We will at the same
> time try to approximate the ATK/AT-SPI requirements with our interface
> as well;


For which Qt version is this planned?

Gunnar has written a new document which is a point-by-point description on
which features would be need in Qt for bridging to AT-SPI. This will very
propably be of great interest to you:


> Note that the design behind QAccessibleInterface is very close to the
> COM interface of Microsoft's MSAA.

Thanks for the explanations. If you think that our overview of the Qt
Accessible Architecture should include any of the points you mentioned,
then we are happy to update it.

Gunnar has in the meantime improved his description of the Qt
Accessibility Architecture, see


We were unsure whether to call it "Qt Accessibility Architecture",
"QAccessible Architecture" or "Qt Accessibility Classes". Which name do
you prefer?

If there are any other points that can be improved in

http://accessibility.kde.org/developer/qt.php or

please let us know.


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