[Kbabel] kbabel 3.4.* coredumping

Chusslove Illich caslav.ilic at gmx.net
Thu Nov 24 14:05:39 CET 2005

> [: Yury Tarasievich :]
> However, won't my re-introduced custom settings
> trigger the bug again, though? And -- will I be able
> to use my translation database?

I had a problem that suddenly KBabel started crashing in a similar manner 
that you described, and I traced the problem precisely to translation 
database operations. But after I removed the translation database, I 
couldn't reproduce the problem again.

Try first going to Settings-> Configure Dictionary-> Translation Database, 
tab Database, and uncheck box "Auto add entry to database". If the 
crashing stops, go to $KDEHOME/apps/kbabeldict/dbsearchengine/ and move 
away existing .db files, check that box again, and see if it the problem 
went away.

Chusslove Illich (Часлав Илић)
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